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We provide SEO Services based in Sydney. Our Search Engine Optimisation BLOG provides tips free each week.  Our SEO Services Sydney price list is below.  We have search engine optiomisation services and packages to fit your requirments and promote your business on Google successfully.

SEO Services Sydney
Search Engine Optimisation


SEO Services Sydney - The Facts

Over 10 million Australian's type search queries into Google daily.
Over a billion potential customers globally use Google daily.

90%of first me visitors to websites comes from search engines.
80% of people searching on Google don't look past the first page.

It's statistics like these that make SEO so important to every business


SEO Business Objective

The goal of search engine marketing (SEO services Sydney) is to place your products and services in front of potential customers at the moment they are likely to buy.

Here's a little secret: gaining a top 10 ranking on Google can be easier than you think.  Enquire about our SEO services Sydney now.

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SEO Services Sydney
If you have your own business, or you're thinking of starting one, you'll want to have a strong web presence that shows up high in search results.

Our System, SEO Services Sydney Works Like Magic

It's simple an cost effective, and it works.  I don't promise the world, I'm straight forward and to the point...I deliver rankings. 

I'll also keep you up-to-date throughout the process with what I'm implementing and why.  No other SEO Service in Sydney does that.  Almost nobody knows about it.

You'll ask yourself, how can something so simple be so powerful...
and so secret?  Secretive is the way that SEO Service providers
like to keep it.  I'm the opposite, I teach you what I'm doing.

You know what they say:  Feed a man a fish and he only eats for a day, but if you teach him how to fish he eats forever.


amazing value for money  Amazing Value For Money  guaranteed satisfaction Guaranteed Satisfaction
looking for more traffic Looking For More Traffic?

no contracts 

No Contracts
need seo expertise Need SEO Help & Expertise?

Using Free Google Tools

SEO Services Sydney

Why Us? Because we offer Sydney’s most Affordable SEO Services, Satisfaction Guarantee, No Contracts, and we TEACH YOU how to do the maintenance which is critical to top Search Engine Ranking.

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Call us now to enquire free of charge about our SEO packages and how we can deliver the SEO service in the best way to suite you.

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SEO Service Experience

Our SEO service draws on ten years of web marketing experience. We have identified the top 20 factors that get websites listed at the top of Google. We have tested our SEO formula over-and-over, we now know exactly how to get you to the top.


SEO Services Sydney - SEO Consultant

Luke Hayes has been delivering SEO Consulting services and teaching SEO for hundreds of small, medium and large organisations. He has a proven track record for results. Today we continue to help our clients boost their website ranking and have a successful e-business.


SEO Services Sydney - SEO Competition

It’s no secret that 86-90% of consumers use Google to find websites to do business with. As competition for the top spots increases, you need to ensure that your website is visible (at the top of the search engines) for your keywords.

SEO Services Sydney - SEO Ongoing

The reality is that you need to continue to implement some SEO tactics on an ongoing basis or your website will not reach or stay on Google's first page. We don’t lock you into contracts, instead we get all of the basics in place for you and teach you how to do the maintenance.

SEO Services Sydney - SEO Secrets

Our SEO service competitors are up in arms that we show you how to do the easy SEO maintenance by yourself. The truth is that this maintenance is the key to results. We build the training into every SEO package we offer, so you will know exactly how to optimise and get results.

SEO Service Provider Choice

In a recent SEO survey, 86% of our customers said they looked at 2 or more competitor’s before choosing Luke Hayes for their SEO.
The reasons included:
  • Reputation for delivering results.
  • Value for money and great service.
  • No contracts or ongoing fees.
  • I had done his course or seminar.
  • Openness, trustworthy, reliable.
  • Recommended by a friend.
  • Industry expertise and experience.
  • Have worked with Luke before.

SEO Services Sydney - SEO Testimonials

We provide SEO Services for clients all the time. We have a proven track record for getting results and delivering exceptional value for money. Read About Our SEO Service Success Stories.

SEO Services Sydney

We can help you choose the best keywords and get your website on the first page of Google. All three of our helpful SEO services are affordable, and will significantly boost your business up in to the top of search engine rankings.

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