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Luke Hayes - Australian Website Marketing

We are a complete Web solutions agency.  Our goal is straight forward;
- to help, guide and teach you how to make money online.
- to help you create an excellent website that achieves results.

Australian Website Marketing

Hello Website Marketing Colleague !

Welcome to Australian Website Marketing. If it's online success you're looking for, you've come to the right place. My Goal is straightforward, to help and teach you to be successful and make money through website marketing and web design excellence.

An important distinction: Luke Hayes is a Web Strategist / Not a web designer.  Yes I have a team of designers that can design your website, but my skill and expertise is web marketing and strategy. So I can help you create a website that will produce results.

I want to help you to create a Web Marketing Strategy that:

- Creates more sales and increases your profits.
- Saves you web design money by investing wisely.
- Saves you time and money through automation.
- Attracts many new clients and grows your business fast...

Australian website marketing is focussed on delivering expertise to Australian small businesses.

For several years I have studied website marketing, promotion and strategy with a passion. Now I’m sharing these proven, actionable strategies to help you save time, money and frustration, and boost your website performance and profitability.

I’ve helped thousands of business leaders accelerate their website performance and profitability. You can read how ecstatic my speaking clients and consulting clients have been with their website accomplishments.

If you're interested in booking me for a fast-moving talk on Website Marketing, Web Sales, Web Strategy or Web Promotion, then click here Australian Website Marketing Keynote presentations or an In-House Australian Website Marketing Workshop, I will inspire and mobilize your members or your team to embrace and take website action…

I’m giving away a lot of that same information and resources right here on the web for FREE. Often, all you need is one good idea to boost and sky-rocket your performance. This site offers hundreds of great ideas. You can apply them and grow your website business to amazing profits. No one else on the Internet will be giving away this much quality information and tools for free. So use it with my compliments and accelerate your website success.

Sincerely, Luke Hayes

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Australian Website Marketing


  How Training & Consulting Began / A Need in the Market

The idea for this website started while Luke was managing one of Australia ’s biggest web design studio.  He was stunned to find that the majority of customers had no plan for how their website would benefit their business.

Everyone knows and understands that the Internet is a tidal wave that every business has to ride or be washed away by it.  But most businesses don't yet understand how to create a winning website strategy and what is involved or possible.
Luke has an extensive marketing background combined with a deep understanding of Website strategy. So Luke ended up helping each business by providing a consultancy role and project manage their site to completion.  The results were sensational.

This uncovered a MASSIVE need in the market place for helpful expertise.

Luke launched his own Internet Marketing consultancy and Training company, to help Australian businesses
PROFIT on the web.


  How Web Design Began / A Need in the Market

The idea for providing website design started because Luke's consulting clients and audience members toldthe same stories of web design disapointment.  Over and over.

The web design firms were promising the world up-front, but then the implementation was never as good as the promise.  The service was never asgood as the sales pitch.

The other problem with 99% of web design is 'sites that look average'.  First impressions are critical online and your website needs to deliver "WOW Factor".

This uncovered a MASSIVE need in the market place for excellent service, brilliant visual web design and guidance to create a website that gets results.

Here at 
www.LukeHayes.com.au we pride our selves on delivering the best visual websites in Australia. 

Check our Portfolio now: 

  Your Suggestions Please

Do you have a suggestion to improve our website or other services?  We're here to serve your website marketing needs, and we can only do that well if you tell us what they are.

Please Email your suggestions directly to Luke Hayes at luke@LukeHayes.com.au


  An Invitation

We invite you to continue browsing our website to learn why clients choose us to help educate, inspire and empower them to achieve website marketing success.