AV Requirements

Luke is a very flexible and helpful speaker who can adjust to most situations. The following requirements would be accommodating but are not mandatory. Please discuss any changes to the outline below with Luke. Also, don’t hesitate to let him know if you have any special requirements or if there is anything he can do to help set the perfect environment up for your event.


Please provide a lapel Microphone preferably, but not mandatory.
Luke is also confident with a hand held microphone.

Please make sure that the AV department has a back up microphone available at all times.

New batteries should be used in the microphone. From experience, 90% of mic problems are the result of depleted batteries.

Luke is open to taking questions from the audience. For groups larger than 50 a cordless microphone should be available for audience members.



Luke uses PowerPoint extensively throughout his presentations. An LCD projector and cable to connect it to his Laptop PC will be required.

Luke’s PowerPoint includes Video footage so an audio cable will need to be connected to his Laptop PC.

Please ensure that a clean white screen to suit the size of the audience is set up. An example of an appropriate screen size:
8 x 6 ft (up to 100 people)
12 x 9 ft (approx 100 - 200)
14 x 10 ft (approx 200 - 300)
14 x 10 ft x 2 screens (approx 300 - 500)
When choosing the appropriate position for the screen to be set up, aim to position it away from brightly lit areas. Often a light globe or two can be removed from just in front and above the screen.

If you have any queries on this, please do not hesitate to call.


Sound System

A strong sound system with quality speakers to handle voice, video and music throughout the day. Additional speakers, amplifier and mixer board may be hired and brought in to augment the hotel sound system if necessary. The sound quality is a key success factor for this training day, so this area must be well prepared.


On stage

Please have a few bottles of room temperature or warm water available (not chilled). If a glass and jug of water is supplied, no ice please. It cools the speaker’s voice box. In fact, the warmer the water the better it is.
If there will be a Lectern on stage for introductions, could you have it set back a metre or two from the front of the stage. This allows Luke to move to all positions on stage and connect with the audience.
Please supply a white-board or a flip-chart on stage with appropriate pens and an eraser.



Luke is a dynamic speaker and will move around the stage area. Please have the entire presenting area / platform well lit, it creates a superior setting for learning and presenting.
Flip charts or white boards should be well lit using spot lights.
PowerPoint will be used so if lighting could be dimmed around the area of the screen it would be helpful.
The audience will be significantly more alert if the house lights are left on. It also helps Luke to connect with the audience if he can see their faces.



Luke likes to arrive early to do a sound and lighting check, plus a rehearsal when possible. This way he can identify where the lighting is best and to identify the strengths and weaknesses of the sound system so that danger spots can be avoided.


Sound and Lighting Engineer

One competent audio/video/lighting technician should be available at all times throughout the program. With technology you just never know when it will mal-function.


Recording Devices

In most cases Luke welcomes you to record his presentation. But prior written permission (via letter, fax or Email) is absolutely necessary.