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(30 minutes to 90 minutes)

Are you looking for a Conference Keynote Speaker?

  •   With a HOT new topic that is different, relevant and up-to-date.

  •   Who is a dynamo on stage, entertaining, enjoyable and inspiring.

  •   Who can customise the presentation to your outcomes and needs.

  •   Who is a proven in the trenches expert, and trusted adviser.

  •   Who delivers critical insights and massive take home value.

  •   Who can keep your audience engaged, laughing and learning.

If the answer is YES,
Then one of Luke's Web Success keynote presentation is for you.


Luke Has 5 Keynote Presentations

1) - Website Masterplan
Making Big Profits From Your Small Business In 10 Easy Steps.

Luke’s most popular website marketing keynote... based on his best selling book "Website Masterplan".

Helping entrepreneurs step-by-step, to make their Internet businesses fly.  The only thing better than the book is getting it straight from the money making master.
Learn the essential strategic planning insights that every SME owner and their marketing staff must know.  It's proven and honed for maximum impact and results.  It's fastpaced, exciting and entertaining.

Luke is always available to answer questions after his keynote from the stage or as part of a panel.

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2) - The Entrepreneurial Journey

This keynote is absolutely packed with REAL and USEFUL information like the importance of good old self determination and hard work, how extrodinary service and value equals referrals and exponential profit growth, the importance of passion and focus and other practical truisms...
Luke's Entrpreneurial Journey started as a boy working in the family owned pub and progresses qucikly with important practical lessons along the way.  It takes you right through to his current work-from-home Internet business.  His career journey will amaze your audience and has something for everyone who wants to be a business success.

He shares a realistic view of what it takes to succeed.  All his painful lows, reality checks and breakthrough experiences will boost anyone that wants to start/manage their own successful business.  Yu can expect the best and most honest business advice for entrepreneurs that you'll ever hear, all packed into one turbo-charged keynote presnetation.  

Luke is always available to answer questions after his keynote from the stage or as part of a panel.

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3) - The 3 Keys to RED-HOT Website Profits and Prosperity

Your website should be interesting, exciting and totally satisfying to your target audience.  Luke presents these 3 powerful keys to website success that unlock the Internet business Gold Mine and generate unimaginable results.

INTERESTING... get them on your website and capture their interest.
EXCITING... get them excited, build their desire. They'll take action.
SATISFYING... total satisfaction earns loyalty. They'll return & refer. 

These keys absolutely must be used to achieve website success.  If they are not applied failure (wasted time, money and opportunity) for any website is imminent.
  When your website is sensational and delivers what your consumers want, you win their desire, trust, money, loyalty and repeat sales for less cost and higher margins.  Learn how.

Luke is always available to answer questions after his keynote from the stage or as part of a panel.

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4) - SEO... Discover the “Secret Formula”
        Catapult Your Website to the TOP of Google, Yahoo and BING.

BREAK OUT SESSION   (90 minutes to half day)

Learn the secrets of search engine optimisation (SEO)

Luke delivers a step-by-step guide to get your website to the top of the search engines for free.  YES, free visitors that are highly targeted, flooding to your website 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 

YES, SEO is an incredibly popular presentation because every business person wants to know how to get to the top of the search engines. 

YES, most customers use search engines to find websites (500 billion searches were conducted last year). 

YES, each step is easy to understand and implement.  Luke is an expert at teaching this topic in a way that everyone can underatnd and start implementing.

By increasing your visibility in the search engines you will receive more website visitors and that equals more sales opportunities.

Luke is always available to answer questions after his keynote from the stage or as part of a panel.

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5) - Living Your Best Life

Luke Hayes has amazing enthusiasm for life and business.  He has been asked by several clients to speak at their conferences on “Happiness, Work / Life Balance and Goal Setting”.

These presentations have produced a powerful and entertaining Keynote called “Living Your Best Life”.

Entertaining, motivating and includes some audience particpation completing their own "Best Life Goals" by the end ofthe keynote.

Click to read the Commonwealth Bank testimonial:

Luke is always available to answer questions after his keynote from the stage or as part of a panel.

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Luke Hayes (keynote speaker) is entertaining, educational, highly interactive
and powerfully motivating. Your members will be thrilled.

Yes  -  Luke will demystify the world of online marketing

Yes  -  Luke will customise his content to meet your needs

Yes  -  Luke will be 100% relevant and deliver the cutting-edge

Yes  -  Luke will be a dynamo on stage, entertaining and inspiring

Plus -  Ask Luke about free bonuses he can provide to your audience


Luke delivers a rich website marketing message. He constantly refreshes his presentation with new stories, statistics and examples. His passion is contagious and energising.  He delivers high content and entertainment.



We Were Captivated And Inspired

Hi Luke,

Many thanks for Friday’s super enthusiastic presentation.

The students were captivated and inspired by your experiences and advice. I’ve had nothing but rave-reviews and positive feedback since.

I’m very glad that we discovered you… look forward to inviting you back to speak at our next seminar.

Phil Coram 
Macleay Business College




Easy to Work With

Luke was always accessible, motivational and gave our members up-to-the-minute advice, presented with an eye to the everyday concerns of individuals and groups wanting to get more out of their website.  It was an excellent keynote presentation.

Derek Dryden
Australian Booksellers Association


As a full time website marketing specialist (consultant and keynote speaker), his website expertise is honed and razor sharp.  Luke’s wisdom is sharpened constantly through his business consulting experiences.

Almost every day Luke is in the boardrooms, and on the stage with demanding audiences, of the business world.  Luke knows what makes business websites work.  He's has experienced successes and failures and, as a professional keynote speaker, he shares it on stage.

Luke’s website marketing keynote has proven to be super successful at creating change.  He knows how to create a paradigm shift in your people.  They will not only take away excellent ideas and insights based on real life experience, but they also leave thinking differently and understanding website marketing in a deeper more confident way.

Statistics, Trends and their Implications
Luke is always ahead of the future Internet curve.  He provides up to the minute statistics and research.  He provides critical insight into the implications of theses trends and changes.

Keynote Speaker




Powerful Keynote Speaker

Thank you for a very powerful and inspiring session.  Your presentation was of the highest professional standards.  Your energy, entertainment and content was enjoyed by all.  Your leading edge knowledge on website marketing was invaluable to all participants and myself.

Kate Kingsbury




As a keynote speaker Luke is very engaging and entertaining. So you will get laughs, facts, insights, audience interaction and Aha moments. Your audience will leave thinking and feeling differently. They will have certainty and understand website marketing in a deeper way.


Luke uses advanced learning techniques in his keynote to ensure that your audience gets maximum impact. Combine this with his energy and charisma and everyone is entertained and enjoys the experience.




Entertaining Keynote Speaker

Your keynote was one of the best presentations that I have ever attended. It was the perfect mix of energy, humour, stories and content. Extremely entertaining. A jewel for anyone involved with a website.


Marc Pop
Potentialpark Communications



You can save time and fast track your website success. Luke will push your accelerator and fast track your success. The Internet is booming. The opportunity is massive. The growth of consumer spending online is growing at a record breaking pace. You should not waste any more time.




Save Time & Money

You have saved us an immense amount of time which equals money.  We struggled with the website for three years, and now thanks to you it’s brilliant.  The results speak for them selves.

John McColm


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Today's business is based on aligning your self with what your consumers want. The Internet is now the prefered way to research and shop. So Help your members tap into an online stream that will increase their sales, save them time and money, and open them up to new markets and streams of profitability.

I will deliver an exceptional website marketing keynote presentation for you!

 In preparation for your conference, I will

Discuss your plans, objectives, conference theme, Industry and circumstances so that I can deliver a customised presentation for you.

Wherever necessary I will co-ordinate with other speakers, event planners, Key personnel or Bureaus to ensure that your desired outcome is achieved.

Provide you with any marketing collateral that you require.  (Bonus Giveaways, Photos, Descriptions, Bio/profile, Introduction for your MC to use, Etc).


 When I arrive at your conference, I will

Notify you as soon as I arrive at your venue.  If there are any travel delays you will be notified immediately and always kept up-to-date.

Set up and test A/V equipment, and be ready to go at least one hour prior to my presentation.

Be available to you for instruction and to help prepare and get organised, and to provide guidance and truthful advice.

If I am staying over night, I will retire early the night before my presentation to ensure 100% energy and focus when I present for you.

Be conservative and reasonable with all room charges and expenses.  My goal is to help you not bleed you.


 When I present for you, I will

Walk on stage with massive energy, massive passion and total purpose.

Use real world stories, examples and fun humour.

Use well researched, totally relevant and profound statistics.

Use appropriate multi-media like PowerPoint to enhance the impact.

Take questions from the stage if we have agreed prior that this is what you would like.

Never use distasteful or offensive language.

Never be rude to an audience member.

Never abuse my time on the stage by selling to your audience.

Be flexible and helpful if you have any un-for-seen problems.

Stick to my allocated time or be flexible if you need me to adjust.


 After my Keynote presentation, I will

Stay around after the presentation to answer questions.

Depart with minimal fuss to save you time and effort.

Accept your phone calls to follow up on the presentation and help you.

Suggest ways that you and/or I can help maximise the impact of my presentation.

If desired I will follow up with your participants via Email.

Ensure that you are completely satisfied with the outcome and the value that you have received.  You will get an excellent presentation delivered in a highly professional way.



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Keynote Speaker


Your keynote can include a Question and Answer segment !!!

Your participants will have specific questions.  So a Q&A segment at the end of Luke’s keynote will be an extremely popular segment with your audience.  Luke is very skilled at taking live questions and delivering the answers as powerful and entertaining insights.

A live Q&A session tends to be incredibly informative and interesting.  Participants appreciate having their most pressing questions answered and all in attendance benefit.


Your Website Marketing Keynote will be Customised to Ensure Maximum Impact

Luke customizes all his talks and interviews over the phone key decision-makers and attendees.  This ensures his message resonates with your group and he delivers the most relevant impactful keynote speech possible.

As Luke’s testimonials show, he provides an excellent keynote and delivers incredible value.



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All of the Future Success training courses are practical.

(It’s a learn by doing approach)

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