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Ecommerce Website Sydney

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eCommerce Website Sydney

Buying Online: Choice, Cost and Convenience:

More and more, customers are shopping by letting their computer do the walking.  Selling online will expand your business.  An eCommerce Webite gives you a new stream of low cost sales, growing your business and profits.

eCommerce Website Sydney

BIG Benefits to SELL SELL SELLING Online:

:  Reach new buyers locally or internationally.

:  Significantly lower your cost per transaction.

:  Your website shop is available to sell 24/7.

FAST TO MARKET:  Launch and sell new products within hours.

EASY TO MANAGE:  Freedom to add, remove or change products.

:  Customer pay up-front by credit card.

Boost Sales With Discount Codes

Sell More Online:

Your eCommerce site will include powerful sale and promotional tools like discount codes, gift vouchers, affiliate programs and referral tracking. Excellent features built in to help you boost profits and deliver better bottom-line results.

eCommerce Website Sydney

What distinguishes our eCommerce website system?

-  It's easy to use so you can manage your online shop
   with ease.  You can new products, change any product
   images or descriptions, and track stock with a few clicks.

-  It provides a myriad of powerful selling tools to increase
   your sales.

-  It also has an integrated customer database that is
   automatically managed by the system so you don't have
   to be an IT genius.

-  The customer database automatically captures customer
   purchases and gives you a 360 degree view of buyer
   behaviour, trends and all of their customer interactions
   with your website.

-  It is flexible and can change and evolve as your site grows.


Contact Management Made Easy

Your eCommerce website makes it easy!!!

The diagram below shows you how easy it is to manage a customer and view their activity on your website.

  1. You can see all past enquiries, called Cases.
  2. You can see all past orders, called Customer Orders.
  3. See what newsletters the customer has subscribed to.
  4. Email Marketing History shows emails opened and actioned.

eCommerce Website Sydney Customer Management



eCommerce Website Sydney

Key Features Include:

  • Ability to setup an unlimited number of catalogues and products
  • Sell products in many currencies
  • Sell e-products such as electronic documents and music
  • Granular Customisability of the shopping and checkout experience
  • Customer Loyalty Programs, e.g. discounts for each customer
  • Get-A-Quote option
  • Integrated customer database
  • Product grouping feature
  • Cross and Up-selling via related products
  • Customizable shipping options, e.g. by weight or volume
  • Create tax codes for products/countries
  • Integrated with the major payment gateways including PayPal
  • Affiliate programs for traffic generation and tracking
  • Inventory Control
  • Discount codes
  • SSL security certificate

And many more!

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