“Internet marketing training is a POWER PACKED, TOTALLY CUSTOMISED program that teaches executives and marketing teams EXACTLY how to achieve web success.  In this training I also help to facilitate the  creation of  a winning strategy for their company’s website, ensuring they get real insights, real action plans, and achieve their ultimate business goals with confidence, in less time.”




Luke Hayes runs internet marketing training for corporate and small business marketing teams.

Q: Has your website failed to deliver the increased sales you hoped for?

Q: Does your Executive Team run for cover when you mention "THE WEBSITE"?

Q: Does your Company need help and expertise to create a highly profitable
and extremely effective Internet Marketing Strategy?

If you answered YES to any of these questions,

then please consider the benefits of an in-house, internet marketing training.

Website Marketing Training
From: Luke Hayes
To: Business Leaders
Subject: Internet Marketing Training For Your Team (strategy and profit)

It’s time to take control of your company’s website.

Give your team the tools and knowledge, as well as an inspiring and helpful jolt in the right direction.

Private Internet Marketing Training
This is a PRIVATE internet marketing training.
YES that’s right, I will come to your office. Your training will be conducted on your premises or at a suitable location with as many participants as you want.

Customised Internet Marketing Training
The training will be totally customised for your team.
So you have complete control over the objectives and content, so your training day deals with real issues affecting your business and team.

Interviews - Internet Marketing Training
Part of the training includes interviews with your executive team prior to the training day.

Bonus - Internet Marketing Training
Plus includes setting action plans and one-on-one coaching with your executive team after the training.

If you can no longer allow your website to stagnate (not producing profit or growing your business), then now is the time to TAKE ACTION.

This training program will help you achieve results FAST.

Website Marketing Training

"It is not the strongest or most intelligent species that survives

and thrives.  It is the one that is the most adaptable to change."

By Charles Darwin - back in 1809 was the first to propose evolution and natural selection.

YES, we need to keep evolving and adapting...

YES, we need website help...
YES, we need to be web savvy...
YES, we need a customised training...
YES, we want fresh, actionable ideas now!!!

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It’s time to wake your Organisation up!

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