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Luke Hayes - Internet Marketing Expert

Australia's leading expert on website marketing for small-business.
Author of the highly acclaimed new book: Website Masterplan
Google has ranked the book #1 for "internet marketing book" in Australia.
Facebook page has over 4000, Australian small business FANS.
Google ranks Luke Hayes #1 for "website marketing" in Australia.
Owns and runs www.LukeHayes.com.au web design and web marketing agency.
Advisor , consultant, designer for hundreds of Australian small-business success stories.
Website Marketing and Ecommerce lecturer at the University of NSW.
Luke Hayes speaks to thousands of Australian small business entrepreneurs each year.
Author of Luke's BLOG, the bible for thousands of Australian small-businesses.

Luke's Personal Story – Defies Belief

Date of Birth – 10th April 1970.
Currently Married with 4 children, living in Sydney.
In 1998 Luke started Internet marketing while recovering from a near-death experience
that left him in a wheelchair. He's back on his feet now (can't run but on the web he flies).
In 1997 was butchered with a machete in a random and violent gang attack.
In 1995 had an unconventional two year career working as a male cabaret dancer
getting his clothes off for screaming, fun loving, female audiences.

Luke's Personality - WOW

They call him the crocodile hunter of website marketing.
Inspiring, passionate, dynamic, fun, cheeky, kind, caring, positive, easygoing,
determined young man on a mission.
Luke has two passions; his family and small-business website marketing.