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From:      Luke Hayes
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Subject:  Biography - Luke Hayes

I have dedicated my career and this website to helping business Leaders and Entrepreneurs succeed and profit online.

Below is my complete profile which will give you an overview of my qualifications, experience, business style and focus.  If you have any questions or require further information, please don't hesitate to contact me.

Web Marketing

Luke Hayes

  Web Wizard - Luke Hayes

Luke Hayes is Australia's leading authority on creating effective and profitable websites.

His scope of marketing knowledge spans 20 years from multi-million dollar corporate budgets in the liquor and hospitality industries to his own chain of family businesses, and now full time as a website marketing strategist and coach.

Luke is PROUDLY an Australian website marketing specialist, who presents powerful workshops and seminars, provides consultancy and mentoring services, he is a dynamo keynote speaker and is a prolific writer and author.

His mission: Helping small to medium sized business leaders and entrepreneurs to successfully accomplish their goals on the Web.

Luke's style is down to Earth and practical, energetic and fast-moving, no hype or exaggeration... he tells it how it really is.

Luke has a proven track-record for helping SME’s to start, to promote, and to sell from their websites, with hundreds of clients and testimonials to prove it.


Luke Hayes - Media Personality

Luke has appeared on many of Australia’s top-rating TV programs, including Channel 7’s Sunrise,  Lateline Business,  ABC News, and Insight, where he offered Internet Marketing advice and shared his amazing story.

David Koch  (Sunrise Host) said:
   "What a great bloke with a really positive outlook on life."

Melissa Doyle (Sunrise Host) said:
   "Amazing. On ya Luke... very good message" 

Ian O'Neall (ABC Editor) said:
   "Your eBook story was well received, interesting and entertaining".

Monique Wright (Channel 7 reporter):
   "You have a remarkable story and an incredible personality".

 Luke’s Life Journey

Luke learned his business lessons in the real world arena the hard way. Working in the family businesses (hotels, nightclubs and restaurants) from the age of 12.  He went full time at the age of 15 leaving school without graduating. 
  – Educated in the entrepreneurial school of hard knocks...
  – In a family business where every dollar & customer counts.  
  – Who better to talk about what works and what doesn’t ?

He then worked full time at Sydney's Stock Exchange gaining a solid understanding of the financial markets. His creative flair and strong value for innovation lead him to the profession of marketing. 

Luke undertook three years of formal marketing studies during the evenings as part of an internship, while working full-time in the liquor industry for two leading companies.  During this period he experienced world-class marketing on some of the world's biggest brands and multi-million dollar budgets.
  - National Duty Free Marketing Assistant - Liquor Distributor
  - NSW Marketing and Sponsorship Manager - Brewery

After a near death experience in 1997 that left Luke in a wheel chair for several months.  Serious and permanent nerve damage to his left leg put a permanent lid on his dancing career.
From tragedy new opportunities are born.  The time Luke spent immobilised allowed him to discover the Internet.  He quickly realised how massive it already was and the opportunities (it was going to change the world).

Luke was ready for the next big stage in his life and career.  He studied Web Management, Design and Multimedia. At graduation he was snapped up as the Marketing Manager for one of Sydney’s largest Web Design Agency's. This 18 month tenure provided Luke with a clear insight into the desperate need for Website Marketing education in the business market place. Organisations were throwing their money at the web with no idea what they were doing or without any chance of success.

Since 2000 Luke has been full-time helping and guiding Business Leaders to be effective and profitable on the web.  Luke is a website marketing specialist and his company  is totally dedicated to helping and teaching you how to accelerate your website marketing success.  It doesn't matter what product or service you want to market on the Internet, you must know and use proven website marketing strategies and principals.

Luke is happily married and has four beautiful children. Yes you read that correctly, 4 children.  He lives in the beautiful inner-Sydney suburb of Rosebery, and travels extensively speaking to business groups and consulting.  He is considered to be one of Australia's foremost authorities on Website Marketing.

  Why Luke Hayes Is Teaching Website Marketing

Luke had made a strategic career decision to specialise in Internet Marketing.  With his traditional marketing background as a solid base he then developed his Internet expertise.  He studied formally and informally, everything possible to become proficient and skilled at Internet Marketing.

Luke accepted a position managing and marketing one of Sydney’s largest web design studios.  This would give him an insider’s look at the Internet industry.  What Luke discovered was businesses were throwing money at developing websites with no idea what they were doing or why.  There was a clear need and opportunity for Luke to help the business sector to be successful with their website marketing.  So Luke started his own consulting business, helping SME's with their website strategy to create effective and profitable websites.

Luke quickly discovered that there was a tidal wave of bad information and hype about website marketing that was flooding the market place.  It was confusing and misleading.  So Luke decided to extend his website marketing consulting services to include teaching.  He currently speaks several times a month at Association conferences and to business groups. Luke also delivers training / workshops on Website Marketing, eCommerce and Website Promotion.

Luke focusses on telling the business community the truth about the Internet without all the hype. He only teaches proven website marketing principals, strategy development and how to apply these techniques successfully.

  Dynamic Presenter - Luke Hayes Will Energise You

Your audience will get powerful INSIGHTS, be ENTERTAINED and INSPIRED to drive your website effectiveness and profits.

Luke Hayes is a dynamic and entertaining keynote speaker, workshop leader and facilitator by businesses and industry associations across Australia. He helps his clients develop and implement strategies to achieve success and profitability with their website.


Luke is an electrifying speaker who has captivated audiences for over a decade.He has been described by some of his clients as “the Crocodile Hunter of Website Marketing” and the “Dali Lama of Website Strategy”.

Luke presents workshops, seminars and keynotes to thousands of executives each year.  He has spoken to an audiences of 1,760 and to business and marketing groups as small as 3. These include executives from Qantas, Virgin mobile, Canon Australia, Neverfail Springwater, Universal Music Australia, Rebel Sport, Hitachi Electronics,, Westpac Bank, Bartercard and thousands of business leaders and entrepreneurs from all walks of life and industries.

His highly customized programs are always packed with content and research that's tailored to your specific needs.  And include immediately usable website success and profitability information, ideas and wisdom, plus lots of fun and excitement.

So if you are serious about evolving your business and website to the next level and achieving extraordinary success, book Luke now.  Make your next event exciting and full of ready to use right now, tips and concepts. Luke is an inspiring individual who brings incredible energy to the platform, and fires up your audience.

His burning passion for business on the web flows through to all audience members. Luke delivers a powerful message, in simple non technical language.  Luke is very dynamic, inspiring, funny and entertaining. He is a real professional and crowd pleaser.

Totally customised and flexible.  Luke will tailor his presentation for your business group or industry, be it finance, healthcare, retail, hi-tech, hospitality, tourism, sales, real-estate, consulting, pharmaceuticals, etc.

  Luke Hayes - Website Consultant

Helping businesses crystallise their Internet opportunities, and create compelling, commercially viable ideas they can turn into INCOME and PROFITS.

Luke consults to a wide variety of business clients on all aspects of Website Marketing and strategy.

Luke has helped thousands of businesses succeed online.  He is constantly learning from these interactions.  He also researches the most up-to-date books, seminars, and resources to stay on the cutting edge.

Luke is service orientated and results driven, so he gets in the trenches with his clients and delivers outstanding value.