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Internet Time Line – Everything’s Changing

WOW, it’s the end of another financial year… and the Internet is now more critical to every business than ever.

The web is evolving so fast… below is a Time Line of the Internet from when it mattered until now;

25 years ago the first domain name was registered.

17 years ago Email became mainstream, revolutionising the way humans live, communicate and conduct business.

15 years ago eCommerce started with

12 years ago Google was born.

7 years ago MySpace was the most visited website on the Internet, now it has been abandoned.

4 years ago Facebook and Twitter were born.

3 months ago Facebook overtook Google as the most visited website on the Internet.


Today we can’t live or run a business without the Internet.  It is the frame work for everything we do.  Just like having customers and a telephone are not optional, having a website is a business must.


My design team can help you.  Take a look at our design portfolio or contact me to find out how WE can help.

Web Marketing Strategy

Luke Hayes | Monday, June 28, 2010

Save the Environment – Every Word Counts

Save money, save ink, save the environment. All it takes is switching the font you use to Century Gothic.


The University of Wisconsin has changed the default font on their computers to Century Gothic.  It requires 30% less ink in printouts than the most commonly used default font, Arial.  Ink accounts for about 60% of the cost of a printed page.

So you print plenty…then consider using Century Gothic which is also a web safe font.
Web Marketing Strategy

Luke Hayes | Thursday, June 24, 2010

Are You Salt? Be Unique!

No one is going to invest extra time or money to buy table salt.  They simply purchase the salt when they need it while they get the rest of their groceries.

All salt is the same, it is a commodity;
- no one will drive to the other side of town for it.
- no one will pay 10 times as much for it.

If your product or service doesn’t have a distinctive, unique and valuable point of difference then you’re “SALT”.

Develop a remarkable point of difference and people will drive across town to see you and they’ll be willing to pay more.

I can help you identify and amplify your point of difference.   Get Luke’s help now.
Web Marketing Strategy

Luke Hayes | Saturday, June 19, 2010

No Website Plan Equals Doom

So many websites are absolute garbage. So many people have wasted their time, their money and a really good idea because they didn't have a winning plan to guide their actions.

For your own good create a sound and solid blueprint for your website.  Planning MUST be done before spending a single dollar on web design.  Do not take action until you have a clear vision of how you will achieve your ultimate website goals.

“A clear vision, backed by definite plans, gives you a tremendous feeling of confidence and personal power.”
By Brian Tracy

Get your copy of the Website Masterplan now!  I guarantee it will revolutionize your Internet business ideas, or I’ll refund your money plus 10%.  

If you need expert guidance from Luke Hayes (consulting), see how easy and affordable it is.
Web Marketing Strategy

Luke Hayes | Monday, June 14, 2010

Google Web Optimizer

This a free tool from Google and allows you to work out how your web pages can be the most persuasive and get the best sales results.

Get some helpful hints on testing your web pages.

There are some specific elements that should be tested on a sales web page.  Like different headings, image or no image.  Get a list of these elements here.

To get started visit Google Web Optimizer, it’s free.

Luke has written comprehensive report on using Google Optimizer, download it here for free

We can help you discover ways to deliver exceptional experiences to your website visitors and customers.  Get Luke’s help now.
Web Marketing Strategy

Luke Hayes | Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Affiliate Marketing Success

2 Sides To Affiliate Marketing…Both Can Be Incredibly Profitable.

Side 1 – Affiliate Marketer
As an affiliate Marketer you are getting other people promoting for you is one of the biggest Internet get rich opportunities.  Each affiliate is part of your own private sales force that you only have to pay them when they create a sale for you.

Side 2 – Affiliate Advertiser
As an affiliate Advertiser you are promoting someone else’s product and you are rewarded with a financial commission for every sale that is generated from your promotion.

5 Questions To Guarantee Affiliate Marketing Success

Side 1 – Affiliate Marketer
Here are some important questions to answer when staring an affiliate marketing program:
1.   How will we find affiliate advertisers?
2.   What incentives will I provide to recruit, motivate and retain affiliate advertisers?
3.   What commission on sales will I provide to affiliate advertisers?
4.   What marketing collateral (sales copy, images, comparisons, video clips, etc) will I provide to help my affiliates to promote my product effectively?
5.   What affiliate software will I use to manage my affiliate program?

Side 2 – Affiliate Advertiser
Here are some important questions to ask before joining as an affiliate advertiser:
1.   How many affiliate advertisers do you already have promoting this product?
2.   Are there any start-up fees?
3.   Are there any on-going fees, monthly fees, minimum sales fees, etc?
4.   What kind of reporting, tracking and transparency do you provide?
5.   What kind of sales results are other affiliate advertisers experiencing?
Web Marketing Strategy

Luke Hayes | Friday, June 04, 2010

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