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Tips For Preparing A Web Design Brief

If you are the client:
• Do the research and discover what you do and don’t like.
• Do the research and find images that you like.  For example:
• Do the research and find great ideas on your competitors websites.  Don’t copy and paste someone else’s content, but take the good idea and re-make it for yourself.

If you are the designer:
• Make sure that you have helped the client do the necessary research.  Sometimes this is just guiding them to what they should look for.
• Make sure that you get a clear brief from the client before you start designing. Starting design work with only a vague idea of what the client wants and needs is a mistake.  If you here the client say “I know what I ‘ll like when I see it”, put your foot down and say “NO, that won’t work, we need to get clear now”.

Achieving Business Objectives:
It’s important to check that the website design plan you have created will:
• Achieve the business goals for the website.  These could include branding expectations, online sales, building a community, rewarding existing customers, providing information and education, entertaining the user, selling advertising, providing value to customers or members, etc…
• The scope of the website will be manageable for the client to manage once the website is complete.  For example if the client wants to manage the site in-house once completed, make sure they have the tools, skills and the website is not to complex.

Having a clear design brief is a key element in developing a successful website.
Web Marketing Strategy

Luke Hayes | Monday, March 28, 2011

Amazing Free Resources For Web Designers

There is countless free stuff on the Internet for web designers.  Here are a few of my favourites:

50 free textures and backgrounds

21 Typography applications and fonts

1000's of Free Icons

I hope that these free resources are helpful for you.

I hope that these free resources are helpful for you.

If you would like to list any more great freebies for web designers please add the link and description in the comments section of this BLOG post.
Web Marketing Strategy

Luke Hayes | Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Why Do Customers Shop Online Primarily To SAVE Money

We already knew that humans loved a bargain.  Research has just prove that this is especially true on the Internet.

According to a recent Retail Daily survey which asked Internet consumers:  “Why do you shop online?

Answer:  80% of them said it was to “Save Money”.

If you know that your consumers are looking for Savings, Specials, Discounts and Bargains…then this is exactly what you should be promoting.

Here’s a smart quote from a marketing man – Axel Anderson:  “If you want to dramatically increase your sales, dramatically increase your special offers.”

Let’s give our website visitors exactly what they are looking for, a money saving bargain.  Promote it on your website in a way that instantly catches the shoppers attention.
Web Marketing Strategy

Luke Hayes | Friday, March 18, 2011

Nobody Gets Wealthy As An Employee

Do you have a dead end job?
Do you have a job that's not going anywhere?
Do you have options???

If you have an entrepreneurial spirit and dream of building your wealth, then start your own business.

Nobody gets wealthy by working for someone else.  Even if you work hard (70 or 80 hours a week) you may become financially independent, but you’ll never build wealth.  You’ll never have freedom, flexibility or the opportunity to scale back your time at work while increasing your income.

The only person who gets wealthy from your long hours and hard work is the business owner.

Sure being an employee is less responsibility but it’s a dead end.  The illusion of job security is false, as an employee you can be terminated at any time.
Web Marketing Strategy

Luke Hayes | Sunday, March 13, 2011

Offer Specials And Sell More... Profit More!!!

According to the Retail Daily Survey, 80% of consumers say they’re shopping online to “Save Money”.

The down turn in the world economy creates financial uncertainty.  This will create consumer fear making people more savvy and shrewd with their spending.  This will drive more people on line looking to save money.

So provide BIG deals in 2009 “Specials Offer!!!”.

If the offer is good more people will buy from you.

People want great value.  So make sure that you offer discounts, bundles, free bonuses or free shipping.  Make sure they are front and centre on your website so they are easily spotted.
Web Marketing Strategy

Luke Hayes | Tuesday, March 08, 2011

7 Ways a Professional Writer Can Help You

The web is changing but content will always be king. Through effective communications you demonstrate your expertise, gain credibility, provide value to visitors and persuade them to buy from you.

1. Develop Your Web Content
• If you are not a great writer, if English is not your first language or if you are busy, consider getting a professional writer to create your website content.
• A professional will ensure that your content is brilliant.

2. Sales Copy
• Good sales copy compels the reader to act.
• When a professional sales copy writer crafts a message it is persuasive and irresistible.

3. Email Newsletters
• Email marketing is brilliant for maintain relationships and creating sales.
• But if you don’t have the writing skills, content ideas, or the time then consider a professional writer.

4. Blog Writing
• A well written BLOG establishes your credibility, and communicates with your target market on a regular basis, especially if they subscribe to your RSS feed.
• A professional writer can provide you with dozens of short impressive BLOG posts, then you simply add one each day.

5. Write Articles / Reports / eBooks
• Most Internet users are looking for information.  The search engines prefer recommending sites that provide lots of information.
• You can attract more visitors and keep them on your site longer if you provide quality content.
• You can provide quality content for free, at a price or as a bonus or incentive.

6. Press Releases
• People are turning to the Internet for News and Information.  The traditional news providers (TV, Radio and Print) are all in decline.  So press releases on the Internet or through the traditional media outlets can get you eye balls (new readers). This is a great way to let people know about your new product or service, let them know about an exciting award that you have won, or any news worthy event that you can come up with.  Professional press release writers are great at coming up with news worthy stories.
• Press releases are a great way to get the media considering a story about you (free advertising).

7. Editing and Proof Reading
• Are you unsure about your grammar and spelling?  Then invest in a professional editor or proof reader.  They will make sure that what you have written is error free and sounds great.
• A second set of expert eyes will make your content perfect and significantly more impressive.  So you don’t have to waste hours re-reading and trying to perfect it, just do your best and then let a skilled professional finish it off.
Web Marketing Strategy

Luke Hayes | Thursday, March 03, 2011

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