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Thank you for consulting with me (under a palm tree with a beer). Your expertise has resulted in a bucket of referrals for me and my business has rocketed after just one week of SEO. You have been unfailingly polite, helpful, highly interested in the nitty gritty of my business and incredibly practical.

I found your advice on improving my website very helpful and effective. I would recommend your website marketing without reservation and will continue to seek guidance and advice from you.

Consultant Psychiatrist

How great it was to talk to someone who could tell us from vast experience, backed up by data, which bits of our website have promise and which are %#@*! Thanks Luke for a great session full of good ideas. Your knowledge added to our passion and confidence, leaving us feeling very optimistic.

Michael Duffy

Just to say thanks very much for your help with my website. I think it was very useful and I would definitely recommend you - I learnt quite a bit about maximising my site for google and the sales conversion ideas were excellent. Sales are already on the increase and fingers crossed it continues to grow!

Nina Jensen
Little Delivery

Without a doubt, the service I received from Luke Hayes was exceptional. I now feel more motivated and have better structures to help my business succeed. He helped turn my website from an information tool into a sales tool with several simple design and copy writing changes. The confidence that I have gained is massive. Thanks so much Luke you Rock.

Danny Kirk
Business Owner

I have enjoyed working with you this year and look forward to working with you again next year when I focus on SEO. The initial web strategy you developed was brilliant. Our web sales have been excellent and you have set my organisation on the path to success.

I highly recommend your web consulting service. Even though you are in Sydney and I'm in Melbourne your service and attention were always first class. I probably asked more questions than any other client you have ever had and you never once hesitated to provide me with immediate and brilliant answers. You have been outstanding.

Neil Locke
My Discounts Online

Thanks so much for your expert website advice. Your ideas on improving the content and design of my website were spot-on. You have taken all the mind-boggling - mystery away and left me with the confidence to better manage my Content Management System. Now I can really get the best outcomes and real value with my CMS without having to pay someone else to do the work for me – loving the fact this alone will save me time and $$$’s.

As a small business owner, and not having enough hours in the day, well... I’m just sorry I didn’t see you sooner. I know you will be thrilled to hear this and so soon after our consult and lesson - I noticed Cedars was on page 1 (2nd listing from the top) of Google for our main term ‘Hunter Valley Accommodation’. Very happy with the results. I have to keep up the maintenance plan you gave me so we don’t slip back to page 2. In the past two weeks since appearing on page one of Google

our bookings increased by 50%, so everything you said was absolutely spot. I will happily recommend you to my friends and colleagues in the Hunter Valley. Your training techniques, while very professional, at the same time were very warm and passionate, I think it has rubbed off on me – thanks so much Luke.

Jennifer Lewis
Company Director

Thanks for the consulting service today (Lunch With Luke). You delivered far greater insights and clear understanding than any of the other Internet Marketing trainers or consultants that we have employed. It was obvious that you had done significant research and preparation prior to our meeting. Greatly appreciated. I will definitely recommend you to other business associates.

Aldo Alibrandi

I am writing to you to say thank you, thank you, thank you!

Job taking care of my website. I wanted to say thank you for your understanding and patience and expertise and passion and drive and extensive knowledge and care and attention to details and………and…….so many to list to be honest.

It has only been live for a month and my new website has performed way beyond my expectations! I have already generated over $10,000 in sales directly via my new website in the first 3 weeks! I can’t wait to see what will happen once all my clients and potential new clients return from their Christmas holidays.

All the suggestions and expert advice you offered has proven so valuable as I can see instant results after implementing each idea. I am receiving very positive comments on the design and lay-out from my existing clients who are now aware of all the products and services I actually offer, and they are placing orders. I even have new suppliers emailing me offering great pricing as they are so impressed with our website and want our business so I have saved money on my costs also as a result of investing in your service. Please do not hesitate to refer any clients to me to confirm these comments as I am absolutely thrilled with your product and service.

Vanessa McDonald

Great meeting with you again yesterday. We have already made the changes to our website, incorporating your many ideas and other valuable feedback.

You have got us on the right track strategically and the website is great thanks.

I do value your input and would definitely recommend you for web consulting.

Joe Malerba

I felt really inspired after sitting with you and hearing your fantastic visions for my website!

Your report is fantastic. It confirmed some of my thoughts, particularly the cheapness of the current website - definitely not what I requested and I've never been satisfied with it, so I'm so happy to have your feedback and new strategy.

Amana Hart

The initial consulting service was brilliant and a it was a total pleasure working with you. We needed someone with the skills to take our web business to the next level, and you quickly understood our market, business model and complex website. You made it so easy for us and instantly gave us great ideas and demonstrated your expertise.

After learning from you step-by-step how easy it is to manage our own Google AdWords account, we will save several hundred dollars each year as we no longer need to waste money paying monthly fees to have it managed for us.

Your SEO guidance was brilliant. You were the most affordable option.

Now that I understand the SEO process you were clearly the best option as well. I am extremely satisfied and excited about our new Google optimised website. I really appreciate your persistence and follow up with our software provider to get everything perfect. We couldn’t have achieved this without you.

Thanks for being generous with your time and giving us great value for money. We’ll definitely highly recommend you. The result is superb - beyond our expectations!

G & E

Thank you very much for a great morning! I felt on a high all day! Your enthusiasm and positive energy is absolutely contagious. People must love being with you and never want to part from your company. I certainly had a great day as a result.

I have a lot of exciting new ideas that you inspired onto me, so I’ll get to work on these immediately. Thank you for getting back to me so quickly with such a detailed plan and with the minutes from this morning. I really appreciate such efficiency. Thanks again for a great morning.

Phil Strasser

Thank you very much for the consulting service on Tuesday, I really appreciate your help. You are such an inspiring and professional person. It was a pleasure working with you on my website.

Your consulting service was very helpful and I am implementing all your suggestions to make my site look better, sales strategies including the referral program and the plan to optimise my website for Google.

Valerie Johnston Dugamin

Thanks so much for all your help with my website. You really helped us nail all of the issues that were keeping us from the top. After you’ve pointed out all of our website issues and opportunities, it now seems so obvious. We definitely got truck loads of value and insight from our private consulting session.

We’ve pretty much implemented all your suggestions and still have a few minor layout updates but it’s looking pretty good so far. Since we resubmitted my site to Google, I noticed from our stats that the Googlebot has crawled through our website earlier today. Thanks again heaps,

Barbara Choy

Luke’s Internet marketing strategies and guidance directly resulted in us growing our sales volume 92% to be Australia’s leading spring water bottling company. His service was outstanding, his ideas produced real results, it was one of the best investments that I have made. Luke Hayes is the guy to call if you want to make it big on the Internet.

Mark Gemmell (m.o.a)
President & C.E.O

Thank you, you’ve just created a huge ‘emotional deposit’ with the client I sent you in 4 ways. You solved a long term problem, with speed, with the right expertise and at a lower cost. You’re my kind of colleague!

Jeanne Walker
Communications Director

You are the best business consultant that I have ever had. Your expertise in website marketing was unquestionable and proved to be spot on. My web designer was blown away with your knowledge. I was blown away with your personal approach and value. Your response times and follow up to all of my questions has been amazing.

The great news is that our website is now working. About 74% of all sales enquiries are now coming from our website. I have reduced my $65,000 (half page) Yellow Pages add down to a small $15,000 panel. Our overall sales have just kept on growing. In fact this is the best year we have ever had. This has been a very profitable investment.

Ron Tarrant

Excellent! Excellent! Excellent! We can’t thank you enough for helping us to achieve such a fantastic result with our new website. We have been promised the world by other Internet marketers and they have all let us down. You have been a brilliant consultant from the very start, making sure we identified and analyzed all of the key issues, you uncovered new opportunities and made sure we really understood and connected with our target market.

I know the strategic plan we produced will make a major difference in the performance of our world-wide Internet business. I would recommend your service to any business that needs a new website.

P.S. Your project management over the design of our website template has been one of the greatest services and value that I have ever received; professional suggestions and guidance, total flexibility, massive savings on photography and models, always focused on strategic website objectives and branding. The end result is a website that is visually brilliant and perfect for our image and target customers.

Lesley Frances

Thank you for a powerful session of website optimisation meeting today. Your service and knowledge were outstanding. Your approach to the session was organised and results driven. I appreciate that you were flexible and generous enough to deviate from the SEO service and critique my content presentation and advertising campaign. This kind of added value service is above and beyond.

The 8 page action plan you’ve provided is brilliant. I now have a blue print for getting my site to the top of the search engines and achieving website success. For anyone considering using your website consulting or search engine marketing service, I give my full recommendation. Please feel free to provide my number 0418 403 692 should they wish to speak to me direct on the matter.

Jason Mandalidis

I must say I found our consultation to be very rewarding. As you know I am in the earliest stage of concept formation and the direction and I suppose clarity of thought which you provided was excellent. I certainly appreciated your organizational abilities, and indeed your ability to better organize me even prior to actually meeting.

In terms of outcomes, I walked away having had all my questions answered and your enthusiasm and ability to think outside-the-box was inspirational. Certainly you have already potentially saved me enough money to justify the expense. Also being very busy at the moment (something which does not look like it will change any time soon) the short cuts and experience which you lend have already saved me countless hours of research. Many thanks once again.

Marcus Bawden

I engaged Luke’s consulting service to get promotional ideas for my business. I got so much more value than I expected. Not only did he give me several tailored promotional strategies, he also explained how I should implement them and gave me shortcuts to save time and make it easy.

He also gave me several ideas for improving my website and selling strategies to improve persuasion when potential customers enquire. Luke was easy to work with and an obvious small business expert. I would highly recommend his consulting service to any business that is feeling stuck and needs to get winning ideas and positive momentum.

Heidi Lee
Art by Heidi Lee

Luke, I would like to thank you for assistance in planning and implementing my website. Your skill, insight and visual flare were invaluable in creating a wonderful and workable website.

I was impressed with your attention to detail and with the great ideas that you put forward to improve the overall appeal and efficiency of my website.

I could never have achieved such a professional result without your assistance! With great appreciation,

Margaret Leonard
Destiny’s Kiss Jewellery

Strategic planning is the key to success on the web, and Luke took us through a powerful process to get the job done. We now understand the importance of providing a high value proposition to our visitors/customers. Also based on Luke’s search engine optimization and pay-per-clicks strategies, we have launched our campaign that is already reaping incredible results. Best of all is that we have had a massive increase in business.

Dylan Forbes
Leaderskill Group Pty Ltd

Luke was fantastic in organising my online concept into a clear website plan. He took a keen understanding in the nature of my business and was very innovative in finding smart solutions in implementing some of my more complex web plans.

Luke put in a lot of effort over a short period of time, firstly in assisting me in finalising the shell of my website and then by organising the template design and graphics. From then on Luke continued to be available for mentoring and fine tuning.

Thanks Luke for making my internet business vision a profitable reality.

Daniel Roper

Thank you for today’s consultation. It’s extremely important to me in theses beginning stages of business development to receive honest and practical web marketing and design advice. Your step by step approach gave me a directed plan for web development that I feel comfortable with and am confident will achieve my sales and creativity objectives. There is no doubt that your expertise gave me clarity, saving me time and money, and set me on a path to follow my vision for my business. I will return to use your service again in the future as the need arises.

Shelley McNamara

I first met Luke Hayes through one of his courses. I found Luke's knowledge to be considerable and his delivery changed my life.

I consulted with Luke after the course. He understood my vision and steered me in the right direction and we now have an enormous amount of website momentum - we are actually doing things I only dreamed about.

You will find Luke's energy, enthusiasm and passion for life are contagious. He gives his best to everyone around him and brings the best out in them. He applies this to his work, his family and himself personally. I liken Luke Hayes to the 'new man' - today's peaceful warrior. Luke has got me focused, focused, focused, and thinking much more creatively.

Fairy Sparkle
Fairy Sparkle Foundation for Kids

Fay and I were delighted with the website advice that you gave us. We have implemented your recommendations and we are extremely pleased with the result. The value you delivered was unquestionable.

We also found your seminar to be extremely helpful and easy to understand, and it has given us some very helpful ideas to help grow our website business.

Thank you for your valued service. We look forward to maintaining our relationship with you as an ongoing advisor to our business.

Jan Wighton
Managing Director,

I just wanted to thank you for all your help and knowledge and wanted to wish you all the best in the future.

I went from knowing zero about optimising our website to knowing everything I’ll need to create a website that will work better as a marketing tool, better as a sales tool and overall better e-commerce practices.

Now with a clear strategy and deeper understanding, we can go ahead and make our website work harder and better for us.

Daniel Rosalky
International Business Manager

For the past 15 months, I have mentored with Luke Hayes and each time I have any contact with Luke -- by phone, in person or by Email extraordinary things start happening again.

I have successfully replaced my stressful 9 to 5 job that I was unhappy doing, with a $82,000 a year business that I love and I work from home.

Nathan Hill
Digital Revolution

Thanks a squillion … I have been trying to get my new website off the ground for almost 18 months. Without your help I would still be stuck with my old, unproductive site that was missing a whole lot of opportunities.

Your coaching, strategic perspective, expert eye, pointers and contacts have finally got me where I wanted to be. By the way my booking form is working brilliantly and just as you said it is saving me a lot of personal time on the phone. Thanks heaps. You opened my eyes and helped me take my website to the next level and showed me the power that this can yield.

Juliet Martine
Clear Health Clinic

Thank you so much for today Luke, I learnt a lot, and you’ve even made it seem not so hard after all! I am now feeling excited and very positive with the marketing plan you have helped me develop. I just showed my web developers the plan and they were blown away. They wish all of their clients were this organised.

I look forward to working with you again in the future. I will be recommending you highly, to anyone who wants to design or improve their website, to seek advice from you first!!!

Rene Thorpe

Thank you for helping us develop our website strategy. We really were lost until you got involved. Even Vannha our web designer was amazed at what she learned from you. The feedback from our staff and clients has been outstanding. All of our clients have now migrated to using our online booking system, which will save us over a hundred thousand this financial year alone. Hiring you was the best website decision we have made.

Jason Carter
Managing Director

Thanks Luke for all your help and advice with my website design and strategy. Having taken 3 of your website marketing courses when I lived in Sydney, I knew that you were the best person to contact when I set up a website for my new business in the UK.

The plan you developed for me was excellent and the suggested improvements to the design, layout and navigation were excellent because they didn’t cost lots to change. Thanks for all the tips and advice.

Samantha Salisbury
Director- Samantha Salisbury Weddings

Luke Hayes has been an inspiration, not only did I receive motivational tutelage from his courses, he delivered his consults with honest attention and massive value. My website is now well on its way to a successful launch through the lateral and experienced thinking of Luke at Australian Website Marketing.

The consulting session with Luke was extremely comprehensive. He guided me through a planning process that makes you really examine every decision you make about your website. I even managed to slip in his keywords in this testimonial; I’ve learnt a heap!

Andrew Mula
Producer - The Internet Video Company

I first met Luke as a participant at one of his excellent courses and went on to do 2 more with him. Luke's information is absolutely invaluable and he should be a "must do" for anyone creating or looking to jumpstart an existing website. Luke has boundless energy and enthusiasm. He is professional in his dealings, attentive to the customer and inspiring with his response.

My team and I have since sought Luke’s advice on our fledgling website. He has provided us with many constructive responses to our ideas, given us much food for thought and been very generous in providing contacts and research assistance. My colleagues were very impressed. I still refer to my course notes constantly and will continue to engage Luke's services well into the future as our website evolves. I have no hesitation in recommending Luke to anyone looking to maximise their website presence.

Sue Richardson

That's awesome Luke! Thank you so much, I really appreciate your time and expertise. You have done an outstanding job with our strategy and positioning.

I'm blown away with the simplicity of our new marketing position and logo, yet it finally provides us with a powerful way to communicate our point of difference. Your help with our copy is also awesome, you’ve injected the persuasion factor, it’s excellent. It has only been a week and we’ve already had 3 times as many enquires. Wow… All systems go. Thanks again for your help, it has been my best marketing investment ever.

Craig Burman
Master Trainer
SAS Street Combat

Thanks for such a great meeting. I gained a tremendous amount of insight into how I can launch my website effectively and cost efficiently. Your knowledge about website strategy, business acumen and grounded instinct have provided me with a clear, step by step process on how to transform my idea into an exciting and dynamic business centre.

Your enthusiasm about the web supports my notion of the web’s value as the modern day thread connecting the world at large and permitting people to enter immediately into world consciousness. Once again, thank you.

Samantha Peters

The consultancy was so powerful. We struggled with the website for three years, and now thanks to you it’s brilliant. It has become an invaluable online resource to our customers, which is a real loyalty builder. I thought managing the site would be over my head, but your pragmatic approach to planning and implementation made it easy.

You have saved us an immense amount of time which equals money. With your experience and wisdom we are now accomplishing what would have taken us potentially years. The results speak for them selves.

John McColm
VIP Fastening Systems

Luke has highly developed communications skills and a deep, genuine passion for helping business people reach their website goals. You will never find a man more committed to your success and supporting you to achieve your full economic potential. His coaching program is the FAST TRACK to website success.

Lee Lucas
Business Owner

Thanks again for your help. Your session and your advice will prove Invaluable and save us thousands as we move forward. It has already given us focus and positive direction.

Stewart Davies

Your website-business building system is brilliant. As a direct result of your help on our website, profit has exploded 800%. All of the growth has come through online bookings. I have just sold the business with two years worth of future bookings. My beautiful wife and I are now multi-millionaires. Now I’m going to use your system to build another website money machine. Thankyou for your generous support,

Mathew Anstee
Hopewood Estate Functions

Thank you, thank you, thank you for coming in and working with us and coming to my rescue, it was very fruitful and successful. You are an angel - life saver. The day was extremely pro-active.

You time was was one of the best investments and business decision I've ever made. What a positive turning point. You are so easy to work with and generous with your time. My Centre is well on it's way to full capacity thanks to you. I am extremely happy with the results you achieved and will happily recommend you to others.

Alicia Buxton
Managing Director

It was a pleasure to work with you and the results have been way above and beyond our expectations. It has only been five weeks and the return on investment has already paid off. We have tripled our sales and with the new online payment system and my current conversion rate is at 100%.

I appreciated your professionalism and total commitment to my satisfaction and success. Your research and hands on approach to understand our business and our needs was clearly the key to our current success. Today it is hard to find quality service and commitment like yours in any industry. So I am happy to recommend you to everyone in need and I will certainly seek to use your expertise again.

Rob Dekota

That was the most amazing and powerful 2 hours of business I have ever experienced. I still can’t believe how much we got done. You have saved me at least a months worth of work and God only knows how much money you have saved me in trial and error.

Sales of the product have exploded and I’m now the number 1 distributor in the World. I can’t thank you enough. All of my expectations have been smashed and we achieved so much more…

I will definitely recommend you to anyone that wants help planning a website and developing strategies that work. I look forward to sending business your way.

Tristan Manning

Thankyou for your web expertise and insights. You have helped me achieve in 5 hours what would have taken me 5 weeks to achieve on my own. So I figure I'm way in front. Also I feel confident in the strategy we have developed and the creative way in which we are implementing.

In reflection on our meeting, your critique of our website was spot on. I thought our site was already perfect but as you pointed out it is lacking emotional grab. We need the site to be persuasive so I'll address that as advised immediately. Anyway watch this space!

Todd Conlon
Owner / Manager

Luke Hayes helped me get my head around the basic purpose and structure of my website. He gave me several important insights that have guided me through the development of our new website of which I am now proud. He is also an invaluable source of information about the various suppliers and providers in the website development industry.

Dr Norman Chorn
Centre for Strategy Development

Luke Hayes was brilliant as my website marketing consultant. He helped me develop my strategy and provided extra SEO training. Even though I had to change certain aspects of my plan during implementation he was always flexible and worked hard to meet my need-it-right-now deadlines.

Kassandra Scardino
Owner and Chief Designer

Thank you for helping us with our website implementation plan and strategy. You saved me many hours and thousands of dollars. We have a real confidence going forward.

Patrick Caldwell
Marketing Manager

I wanted to drop you a line to thank you for yesterday.

What a journey I have had over the years…and all the failures really led me to searching for the right knowledge and techniques. I’ve met a few web marketing people over the time and I have to say that it was so refreshing to meet a pro with a heart!

So it was great for me to be around a web professional and I gained so many valuable ideas that will take my business to the next level.

I also really appreciate your consulting time on my site. I had already put so much effort into the site and it was good. The improvement ideas you suggested will make my site great. I am going to implement the changes over the next week.

Kim Smith

I just want to thank you for an amazing session I had with you to search engine optimize our website. You explained everything so clearly to me and even though we went through so much data I have a clear understanding. I look forward to the next stage of optimization.

I will contact you shortly. Thank you again for everything so far.

Jacky Finkelstein

Thanks for coming in and meeting with us. We all found it to be extremely productive and are implementing as fast as possible – you'll see I just sent you a new and improved email newsletter.

Despite the fact that Christmas is upon us. It'll probably take into the new year to implement all of the excellent website ideas, but we're onto it. Thanks again for your help.

Derek Dryden

As an older business person, struggling with the challenges of web marketing, I was delighted with the personal advice I received from Luke Hayes.

He was helpful and friendly as I'd expected --- but beyond that, Luke put me at ease and I was never made to feel like some old luddite.

Not only did he offer me a number of great ideas for my pet services website, I felt empowered after our meeting to soldier on and develop more of my own.

Jackie Bowmer

After attending a "Lunch with Luke" consulting session the My Event Pages team are ready and excited about implementing the practical tips that Luke provided us with. We only launched on 1 September and we are well on our way to having over 1000 likes on Facebook! Luke, thank you - you are just fantastic!

Nadine Gerber

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