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Thank you for your Google marketing efforts. Our shop has been Crazy Busy since the Google ads started. Wow, what an instantaneous effect. Thanks so much for the time you spent setting up our Google campaign, teaching me how to manage it and for doing a great SEO job to get us on page 1 for our main keyword phrase. Cheers,

Mireille Campbell
Happy Wheels

Thanks for a very productive and stimulating afternoon of SEO strategy. I'll settle this bill within 7 days, if that's OK.

I'm all fired up to get onto the website marketing and ... drive my site to the top of the search engines. Your excel file is incredibly helpful and I feel very confident about managing the SEO for my website, so I'm feeling confident and excited.

Have a great weekend and I look forward to seeing you again soon.

Suzanne Mercier
Purpose to Profit

Thanks so much for your expert website advice. As a small business owner, and not having enough hours in the day, well... I’m just sorry I didn’t see you sooner.

I know you will be thrilled to hear this and so soon after our consult and lesson - I noticed Cedars was on page 1 (2nd listing from the top) of Google for our main term ‘Hunter Valley Accommodation’. Very happy with the results. I have to keep up the maintenance plan you gave me so we don’t slip back to page 2. In the past two weeks since appearing on page one of Google our bookings increased by 50%, so everything you said was absolutely spot.

I will happily recommend you to my friends and colleagues in the Hunter Valley. Your training techniques, while very professional, at the same time were very warm and passionate, I think it has rubbed off on me – thanks so much Luke.

Jennifer Lewis (Company Director)
Cedars Mount View - Hunter Valley NSW

Thank you for consulting with me (under a palm tree with a beer). Your expertise has resulted in a bucket of referrals for me and my business has rocketed after just one week of SEO. You have been unfailingly polite, helpful, highly interested in the nitty gritty of my business and incredibly practical.

I found your advice on improving my website very helpful and effective. I would recommend your website marketing without reservation and will continue to seek guidance and advice from you.

Consultant Psychiatrist

I wanted to let you know that since doing your course, I have seen excellent search ranking results.

The really good news is that I targeted the most competitive and profitable key word “Australian Home loans”. At the time, I was ranked way back on about page 154th on Google. Six weeks later, I was on page 3, a month later page 2 and this week I’m on page 1. Can’t beat that- your techniques really helped me.

I am really excited by these results. Thanks again for your course.

Kim Smith

When I typed a search into Google for "sexual health therapist sydney"

- Now coming up at the top of page 1 highlighted with a Google Map. - Now ranked 4th website from top on page 1 in the organic listing. - Now the 2nd paid advertisement from the top.

Great result, I am getting lots of telephone clients!

Matty Silver
Sexual Health Therapist

The initial consulting service was brilliant and a it was a total pleasure working with you. We needed someone with the skills to take our web business to the next level, and you quickly understood our market, business model and complex website. You made it so easy for us and instantly gave us great ideas and demonstrated your expertise.

After learning from you step-by-step how easy it is to manage our own Google AdWords account, we will save several hundred dollars each year as we no longer need to waste money paying monthly fees to have it managed for us.

Your SEO guidance was brilliant. You were the most affordable option.

Now that I understand the SEO process you were clearly the best option as well. I am extremely satisfied and excited about our new Google optimised website. I really appreciate your persistence and follow up with our software provider to get everything perfect. We couldn’t have achieved this without you.

Thanks for being generous with your time and giving us great value for money. We’ll definitely highly recommend you. The result is superb - beyond our expectations!

G & E

Thank you for a powerful session of website optimisation meeting today. Your service and knowledge were outstanding. Your approach to the session was organised and results driven.

I appreciate that you were flexible and generous enough to deviate from the SEO service and critique my content presentation and advertising campaign. This kind of added value service is above and beyond.

The 8 page SEO action plan you’ve provided is brilliant. I now have a blue print for getting my site to the top of the search engines and achieving website success.

For anyone considering using your website consulting or search engine marketing service, I give my full recommendation. Please feel free to provide my number 0418 403 692 should they wish to speak to me direct on the matter.

Jason Mandalidis
Active Wall Removal

Thanks for getting my site showing in Google - I've had 1 call and 1 email from new clients that made appointments. This is a great start Luke thanks to you.

Bill Crelley

Luke, all the pointers you gave us really work. The changes that I made to the title tags, alt tags, headings, content, and the way I named the jpeg’s sent my website to Page 1 on Google. In under two months there we are on Page 1 for all of our major keywords. I couldn’t be more happier. You are an inspiration and I can’t wait to read your new book “Website Masterplan”.

Joan Blight
Wayne World – Timber & Building Supplies

I just want to thank you for an amazing session I had with you to search engine optimize our website. You explained everything so clearly to me and even though we went through so much data I have a clear understanding. I will implement the SEO plan we have created and I look forward to the next stage of optimization.

I will contact you shortly. Thank you again for everything so far.

Jacky Finkelstein
Sydney City Dental

I implemented the search engine optimisation formulas that you showed me and they worked. I am top of the search engines for my four primary keyword phrases.

The traffic has been pouring into my website, and each of these visitors is looking for exactly what I have to offer.

Evan Davis
Evan Davis Ceramics

As a web designer I’m in the world’s most competitive search marketing category. I know a lot about search engine optimisation but as a freelance designer it was hard to compete against the giants in my industry.

With Luke’s help and a few little insider secrets, my site sky-rocketed to the top of all the search engines. I am now consistently in the top 5 and getting 50% of my new business from Google search.

Nathan Hill
Digital Revolution

Your SEO seminar was brilliant. Easy to understand and easy to implement. I have already achieved amazing results in just a few short weeks. Having the SEO knowledge gives me a powerful advantage over my competitors. Thank you.

Patrick Caldwell
PR Diary

For six months I tried everything to get Google to rank my website. No one could find me. After our two hour session on search engine optimisation which was part of your Website Promotions Workshop, my site is now #1 on Google, Yahoo and MSN.

I got the top spot within two weeks of implementing your checklist of tactics. The traffic is pouring in and I am thrilled to finally be making sales. The first web sale was particularly exciting and the profit from that one sale covered the cost of your course.

Rina Marcellino
Honored Events

Thanks for your help with SEO. It’s been 3 months now since getting your help, and I am totally dominating the search engines for some of the toughest keywords in my industry; “male strippers”, “female strippers”, and geographical targeted keywords like “male strippers Sydney” are all in positions one and two. These are very profitable. Enquiries and sales have exploded, and new opportunities from people and businesses in my industry keep coming up.

I just wanted to say thanks again, I’m blown away with the result and so excited about the future. With great appreciation,

Robert Dekota

Thankyou, thankyou, thankyou for your help and guidance with SEO.

The search company that I paid a small fortune to achieved negligible results was nothing but a bitter disappointment. I had a win against them though, and have been successful through the small claims tribunal in getting my money back.

It was only 2 months ago that we worked on my sites search engine strategy. I’m already ranked highly for all the right keywords and my website enquiries have doubled. I’ve had a substantial offer to my entire business so things are really looking up. Thank you for your help,

Todd Conlon

Great news on the Google AdWords, I'm getting lots of enquires and two confirmed sales. It's been instantaneous. I appreciate the time and effort you went to with teaching me how to log-in and manage my account. The step-by-step instructions are brilliant. The $85 Google credit you got me was a bonus. I'm very satisfied and recommend you for quality, expertise and service.

Gary Kelly
Owner and Manager

Thank you for your excellent SEO service. You have made a massive difference to my business. I am extremely busy now and the new customers all came once you got my website listed on page 1 of Google.

I know my industry is extremely competitive online so your SEO success is even more amazing.

Michael Tattersfield
Owner / manager

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