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I'd like to thank you for your fantastic keynote speech...

I found you to be inspiring, emotive, engaging and very effective in delivering the message of day to day attitudes & action plans that create your best life. You used interesting stories and quotes to make powerful points. I had staff approaching me directly afterward and saying how impressive you were - now that's impact! Another staff member told me the next morning how at around 4.30am (well before her wake up time) your face came into her mind and said, "C'mon Sarah what are you doing today? Get up and at it! Go get life!" Your dynamic presentation style and humour made it extremely entertaining. Our staff have submitted very positive feedback with many inspired to implement changes immediately.

I highly recommend your services to either the corporate or private sector where the outcome desired is motivation, strength of purpose and empowerment of the people involved.

Janet Kay
Commonwealth Bank

Luke was always accessible, motivational and gave our members up-to-the-minute advice, presented with an eye to the everyday concerns of individuals and groups wanting to get more out of their website. It was an excellent keynote presentation.

Derek Dryden
President Australian Booksellers Association

Thank you for presenting such a powerful 90 minutes of high energy, website marketing know-how, in a professional and entertaining way at our Institute.

Our students needed an easy to understand, logical look at the main principals of website marketing. You certainly achieved that with your wealth of experience, and informative and creative ideas. Best of all, you motivated them with your enthusiasm and passion for what you do, and encouraged them all to 'take action.

Gina Notaras
Corporate Trainer The International Dermal Institute

Many thanks for Friday’s super enthusiastic presentation.

The students were captivated and inspired by your experiences and advice – I’ve had nothing but rave-reviews and positive feedback since.

I’m very glad that we discovered you… look forward to inviting you back to speak at our next seminar.

Phil Coram
Macleay Business College

Hi Luke,

Thank you so much. Your presentation to our very vocal bunch of tour guides was excellent and exactly what I was hoping for. You were engaging, informative and charming. I have received positive feedback from all.

Your presentation worked beautifully following your workshop book and allowing our members to ask you questions at the end of each section. Otherwise our Tour Guides would want to interrupt and steal the show!

Thank you so much for all your effort, for the professional pre-communication and for delivering an entertaining and informative workshop.

Suanne Adelman
IATG Marketing Coordinator

I was in your three website marketing courses at the University.

I just wanted to thankyou for enlightening us with everything that Internet Marketing has got to offer.

You were a fantastic and knowledgeable presenter that made everything sound clear and concise. I look forward to put some plans into action going forward.

Raffy Margarian

Thank you again for a very powerful and inspiring session...we have received excellent feedback.

Your presentation was of the highest professional standards. Your energy, entertainment and content were enjoyed by all. Your leading edge knowledge on website marketing was not only practical, but also invaluable to all participants and myself.

Kate Kingsbury

Thank you for a brilliant keynote. As promised it was totally customised from your ideas through to your PowerPoint. Everyone of our members was impressed, inspired and enlightened. You’ve really set our Association on a new path and helped our group see the Internet opportunity clearly.

The impact of your presentation has been verified by our group taking action. We have been stuck for years, but to your credit you have got us moving forward online.

Brendon Whalan
Sales and Marketing

Great value Conference. Luke is a dynamic and expert presenter. His website marketing expertise and information is incredibly valuable. He was able to cut through the clutter and focus on core take-away facts that are critical to online success.

The two days were very interactive. Everyone was asking questions and work-shopping ideas. Which is a real sign that the content was thought-provoking and hitting the mark. It was great to learn from the master. Thank you!

Sue Liu
Marketing and PR Strategist

Our website group has definitely benefit as we are utilising all the tricks and knowledge that I have learnt during your website course I undertook last year. For example I had a meeting with a media company yesterday selling AdWord (pay per click ads) and rattling off statistics. Luckily I know that there isn't much benefit for us to use their service, as I know how to search keywords and know all about pay per clicks ads and get our web host to track all traffic from there.

Sunny Santoso

I just wanted to thank you again and to let you know that you have inspired me since the training to get everything organised. I followed through and implemented your suggestions and all is running really well.

Martine Ronsisvalle
Office Manager - Serviced Offices International

Your course has saved me thousands and now I'm on my way to making millions.

After completing your course I went to my web designer with a comprehensive plan and strategy. The web design studio was blown away with my thorough preparation. They said they have never had a client so organised and knowledgeable. Even the large company sites they handle don't have a clear plan or strategy.

Your training course changed everything for me and my business. business Many thanks for a great experience...

George Moses

Thanks for your informative and innovative Website Marketing course at the University of NSW.

Every week I seem to walk away with a hand full of new “Golden Nuggets”. For example just one of your recommendations saved me $1500. On your recommendation I got my logo and website designed by a supplier from for less than $300.

Brendan Muldoon
Owner / Manager of Bondi Migration

Luke your course was extremely satisfying. Your enthusiasm as a speaker radiated through all in attendance and has certainly got me motivated and focussed on our website.

We are now having huge success with our website by promoting it through Google Adwords. It is generating at least a dozen sales enquiries a day for under $20. It’s the best marketing spend I have ever made.

Amanda Townsend
Marketing and Design, Sydney Harbour Escapes

Thanks for the Website Marketing course, which has been stimulating, provocative, and extremely rewarding. In a limited timeframe you've been able to share the essence of website marketing and provide a good foundation for me to expand on. You've challenged me to do more. Thanks again.

André Dussart
Pilton Pty Ltd

Luke's course on website promotion at the University of NSW was not only very informative, but also a lot of fun. He is an excellent presenter, very engaging and he clearly "knows his stuff". Also he offers an abundance of useful information on his website which acts as an extension to his (already very detailed) course workbook. I am looking forward to enrolling in one of Luke's other website marketing courses."

I will definitely be recommending Luke’s website courses to my clients and associates.

Anja Kennedy
Sydney Web Designer

I was impressed by your presentation today. It was entertaining (which made key points memorable) and informative. I found the inclusion of relevant Australian data, guiding principles, tips and techniques very helpful.

As one who is investing in my website with the objective of generating passive income, your input was much appreciated.

Ann Rolfe
Mentoring Specialist Author of six books Professional Speaker

I learnt an enormous amount from Luke Hayes on how to promote our website to increase its awareness and how to improve its performance. It was an excellent training day. Luke is a fantastic presenter. AVATAR

Susan Brown

I had the distinct pleasure of listening to Luke's "Website Marketing" presentation.

Not only is Luke a most impressive and entertaining speaker, but the information he imparted during the presentation was invaluable. I obtained countless ideas to improve my own website, some of which I've already put into practice.

I can heartily recommend Luke to any organisation on the lookout for a keynote or other speaker for their conferences.

Bob Ward
Real Estate Training and Consulting

Your website-business building system is brilliant. As a direct result of your help on our website, profit has exploded 800%. All of the growth has come through online bookings.

I have just sold the business with two years worth of future bookings. My beautiful wife and I are now multi-millionaires. Now I’m going to use your system to build another website money machine. Thankyou for your generous support,

Mathew Anstee
Hopewood Estate Functions

Your energy is huge. Luke's presentation to the Northern Beaches Business Swap was outstanding. You have a gift of being able to share sometimes complex ideas in easy to understand ways. Looking around the room it was obvious the whole audience were captivated and the feedback was excellent. I'll definitely be back for more.

Brendan James Byrne

You're a great teacher. Sometimes I compare you to Anthony Robbins when telling people about your training - but Robbins is too vague...

Your course is a must for every serious business person. You deliver no fluff, just one outstanding insight after another. You are a great presenter and you have a great niche... Bravo!

Gosia Dorabialska

Once again, congratulations on an excellent presentation yesterday. You detailed some great messages and controlled the audience well, especially me. Your message of taking action immediately came across strongly.

Brian Ellis
NSW Fitness Association FitnessAge

Many thanks for the website promotions course. I got a great deal of useful information, many good ideas for improving my website and an understanding of key strategies to attract customers. So – thanks for the content and also your presentation style. Very dedicated and inspirational.

Brian Nicholls

After attending Luke's course I have to say it was an excellent day and he is by far the best teacher I've ever had! Thanks Luke.

Brigid Enwiya

Amazing course! You are the Anthony Robbins of website marketing.

Your energy was electric and the information was comprehensive and packed with great ideas. Plus all of the free bonuses that you gave us were excellent, incredible value.

Cass Eager (singer / song writer)

Luke’s Website Marketing is a must for anyone wanting to make their website work for them. Throughout his excellent presentation Luke demonstrated the “added value” he spoke about and generously packaged all the information for reference back at the office. It was a great workshop jammed with essential information, with the benefits already apparent as we are over hauling our website and sales are on the rise.

Catherine Taylor Taylor
Promotions and Marketing Manager Eastern Suburbs Memorial Park top

Thankyou Luke for an extremely thorough, well structured and stimulating programme. I can't wait to implement these strategies.

Suzanne Mercier
Managing Director Business Alchemy International

The Website Marketing workshop was not only excellent but extremely professional. Luke provided powerful cutting edge information and a first-class presentation. Luke was totally committed to helping us. The extra and free resources on his website and Useful Links were very helpful.

I am totally inspired by Luke's motivation and enthusiasm. His knowledge of websites and marketing is of the highest level and I highly recommend his courses or any seminar he may be presenting.

Diane Chaitow
Director Active Accounting Services Pty Ltd

I attended the your website course as a PR professional, wanting to expand my knowledge of what elements make an effective website. I have managed PR campaigns involving websites in the past, but lacked the fundamental knowledge required to ensure website success.

Luke’s presentation style is extremely effective in not only teaching but inspiring and motivating each of the students.

Gabrielle Turnbull
Public Affairs Advisor

Luke's energy, enthusiasm and knowledge are contagious and action driven. It's the A to Z of understanding the web from a business and commercial perceptive.

I got the foundation blocks of translating ideas into revenue. The step-by-step approach of Luke’s website marketing courses will force you to think about what you are doing, focus on your objectives and push you over that fine

Nicolas Jones

I am a very satisfied course participant. I am so pleased that I did your course before constructing our websites as I can build -in all your recommendations.

I am reminded of how Sigmond Freud answered the question How can you tell if an interpretation (of the subconscious) worked? The answer he said is not in their response at the time – the answer comes from reviewing the effect afterwards. Since you course I have been absolutely enthused and cant wait to put the information into practice. You give excellent value.

In my work I mainly help entrepreneurial CEO’s and will definitely recommend your course when appropriate.

Dr John Buttsworth

Luke thank you. I truly appreciated the entertaining and professional way that you presented. Also your generosity and the value that you gave to all of us.

You have really motivated me to update and improve my website.

Helene Grover

I whole heartedly recommend your Website Marketing workshop as an invaluable business investment. Your course materials were very thorough, informative and practical. You gave an entertaining presentation that invoked contagious enthusiasm. Your expert consultation has encouraged me to embark on a professional website, which is the direction I know my business was destined for. Best wishes

Teresa Amore
Marketing Manager - Amore Alternatives

Great Result Luke. I implemented the search engine optimisation formulas that you showed me and they worked. I am top of the search engines for my four primary keyword phrases.

The traffic has been pouring into my website, and each of these visitors is looking for exactly what I have to offer.

Evan Davis
Evan Davis Ceramics

Your SEO seminar was brilliant. Easy to understand and easy to implement. I have already achieved amazing results in just a few short weeks. Having the SEO knowledge gives me a powerful advantage over my competitors. Thank you.

Patrick Caldwell
Marketing Manager

Your presentation was inspiring and motivating. You have bridged the gap between building websites and making websites profitable. I would recommend you to anyone who wants to know how to manage and market a profitable website.

Ivan Zugec
Professional Web Developer

Excellent Excellent Excellent I came to your seminar panning for gold, to my surprise I got dozens of huge nuggets.

I work with some of Australia’s most impressive and leading business minds; but with out a doubt you know more about website marketing than any person I have ever met. You are the best there is! I really feel confident about my Internet strategy now and expect to make huge sales via my website.

Tony Stinson

I attended the full set of Luke Hayes courses including, Website Promotion, Website eCommerce & Website Marketing. I have been in the process of implementing the lessons that Luke has taught, and the results have been fantastic.

The sales on my site have quadrupled over 4 months due to increased traffic (up over 100%)and a much better conversion rate(up 80%). I now have clarity about the direction of my site. My search engine rankings are improving all the time.

For anybody considering selling anything online, whether you are a beginner or an expert - Luke Hayes will take you to the next level. The workbooks and the course content are second to none. I use the workbooks as my bible.

I would recommend Luke Hayes to anyone.

Paul Burkett
Owner and Manager

Luke, your presentation was excellent. Our Association needed to hear your message. Your strategies were simple and powerful. Your examples and insights were relevant. You also challenged us to take action, which we definitely needed to hear. You definitely have inspired us all. ACTION = RESULTS.

Jacob Miceli
Managing Director Foreign Language Pty Ltd

Thank you for your excellent presentation on website marketing. I got so many valuable ideas and insights from you, I feel inspired to drive our companies website to the next level.

I've already implemented one of your website strategies successfully, and I am seeing immediate positive results. I am looking forward

Tim McQueen
Online Marketing Universal Magazines

Your energy and crowd interaction made it a great day and event. We had many comments from those in attendance about what a great job you did. Once again thank you very much. Kind regards,

Trent Mulligan
Client Manager

Luke is extremely knowledgeable and experienced on Website Marketing and Promotions. The best thing about his course was the great content and the way it was delivered. I am now focussed on developing a website that gets results. Luke enthusiastically answered all questions and gave us 110%.

Edmond O’Farrel

Thankyou for a great seminar, you have given me great ideas, clarity and knowledge. You are very motivating and positive which has inspired me to take my online business to the next level. You are an excellent teacher.

Peter Dickson

I am writing to say how interesting, relevant, thought provoking and enjoyable your presentation was. It will be of immense value to me and to the business clients that I work with.

I would recommend you to anyone who wants to gain an understanding of how to optimize and promote their website – Great content, excellent delivery and amazing value.

James King
Business Consultant Action International Business Coach

I’m absolutely blown away with how much I have learned and the value I got from your course. You are a sensational presenter and you have really got me inspired and enthusiastic about the Internet.

Ed Hughes
Luna Photography

I found Luke’s Website Marketing and Promotions course to be very informative, easy to follow and I left having hundreds of news ideas on how to promote my business.

I Highly recommend it to all business people who are in charge of managing a website and achieving results!

Trudy Gilbert
Managing Director

Thanks so much for a great day. It was engaging, entertaining, and powerfully informative. Your stage presence is phenomenal. You are a truly knowledgeable, experienced, witty, and a highly skilled presenter!!!

I Learnt so much and benefited enormously from today!!! Thanks again,

Phil Strasser
Philby’s Fine Foods

Luke had great energy and enthusiasm which was inspiring. The lessons, explanations, work books and practical exercises were excellent. I am very satisfied.

James Walker

We at Central Coast Business Swap are privileged to experience many speakers throughout the year and I have to say that Luke Hayes is definitely one of the BEST.

His professional, organized approach to our meeting was refreshing. Punctuality is an important aspect to our early morning seminars and we appreciated Luke being at our venue early. His dynamic and inspiring presentation was received enthusiastically by our members and guests. I recommend Luke to anyone who requires a speaker who can entertain and give down to earth, useful information.

Wendy Close
President Central Coast Business Swap

Thank you so much for the informative sessions on website marketing. Your teaching style is very energetic and charismatic, which is very refreshing.

I’m confident with what we have learnt we will be able to tackle the 11 websites we manage and make them much more effective.

Rebecca Hay
Marketing Communications Manager

Your seminar was amazing, I now know there is a lot more potential on the web than I had first realized. You have amazing energy and enthusiasm, and it inspired me to really push ahead on the web.

Jason Bull

Excellent Keynote presentation. You engaged the audience with powerful stories and strong messages that everyone could relate too.

Your energy and presentation style reminds me of Steve Erwin the Crocodile Hunter.

Wendy Haynes
Bartercard Sydney West

Your presentation today was excellent. I appreciated your passion and energy for your topic and the useful insights and distinctions that I can use immediately. Thanks for answering my specific questions directly and with style.

Although my website is already achieving excellent results, you haven given me several ideas to improve its performance. Sometimes you get too close to your own website and it is great to have someone objective provide honest and objective feedback. It's great to get real ideas and solutions that I can implement immediately. Thanks again for a great presentation and stacks of really useful information.

Rich Harvey
Managing Director

Luke you are one of the most powerful and inspirational people that I have ever met. Your commitment to helping all course participants get results is second to none and your knowledge of the Internet could turn out to be very lucrative for some people. I have already referred your course on Website Promotion to a friend who was equally impressed. Thanks Luke. The course was excellent!

Jim Cassimatis
Affordable Web Site Design Pty Ltd

Thanks for a great day of enthusiastic and insightful website marketing, you are the complete professional.

When we launch the international ad campaign I will certainly use your extensive skills as a consultant to further promote the Wagtail website. I would not hesitate to refer you to other friends trying to increase their sales via the internet.

Willie Erken
Director Wagtail Cleaning Tools P/LWagtail

I had my website up and running for six months and people could not find me in the search engines. Several times I had registered it with Google but it didn’t help. After I completed your two hour lesson on search engine optimisation which was part of your Website Promotions Workshop, my site is now #1 on Google, Yahoo and MSN. It was a miraculous transformation. I got the top spot within two weeks of implementing your checklist of tactics. The traffic is pouring in and I was thrilled when I received my first website enquiry which resulted in a profit which covered the cost of your course.

Rina Marcellino

We thoroughly enjoyed your recent courses on Website Marketing, Promotion & E Commerce, a comprehensive package structured very skilfully. We appreciated your ability to clearly and simply present each topic and your warm, professional, dynamic and enthusiastic presentation.

As newcomers to the Internet and having modest technical abilities we now feel confident with the help of your generous and systematic manuals, to begin the process of constructing our profit making website. Your courses are a must for anyone with a vision for growing their business. With very best wishes

Juliet and Craig

Thank you for your valuable information on Website marketing, eCommerce and SEO.

I enjoyed your Website course at the UNSW and your presentation was excellent. You not only show passion in your teaching but also you were very open in your suggestions and ideas to us so that we can improve our online business.

We've been well established in retail stores for over 36 years. Thanks to you we now feel ready to go online in a big way.

Rohini Solomons

Thank you again for a great day and stacks of really useful and powerful information. I also thought it was great the way you used 'real' examples with the participant's backgrounds and businesses to help them to understand key concepts. Your passion is electric as is your genuine wish to give as much as you can and fast track your participants.

Karen Coulson
Director Karen Coulson International

After last night's lecture I'm looking at our website a little differently. That was a truly amazing class last night. Un-bloody-believable. Luke you are so switched on. It was so well presented – I really understood all that was shown.

I will be getting you to implement the online strategy for us, but I'm glad that I clearly understand what's involved and what has to be done.

Roz Sturt

The seminar Luke ran on website promotion was absolutely phenomenal.

I am one of the most internet illiterate people I know, and yet he managed to explain everything so simply and clearly, and with so much enthusiasm, that it was impossible not to feel competent, confident, empowered and motivated to use all the strategies and tools he explained to successfully market my company online. Definitely feel that the course was worth over a million times more than the amount I invested in it, and as if that wasn’t enough - I can actually continue to develop my new found skills thanks to the educational materials Luke supplies online. Brilliant!!

Kate Bennett
The TOC Centre of Australia

I was really happy and surprised with how much I got out of your web course. The two days I spent with you really opened my eyes to a lot of ideas and strategies for our website I had previously not thought of and didn’t even know existed!

As someone fairly new to working with websites, and particularly as someone with a site that is in its early days, you gave me really valuable knowledge and sound advice that I can take away and apply in the key areas that will really improve the marketing and promotion of our site.

Your energy levels and enthusiasm as well as a sense of fun really showed through and made the course enjoyable for all of us.

Sam Fuller
Business Development E Provider Pty Ltd

Thankyou for inspiring me to invest in our website. I got so many simple but powerful ideas from your presentation. My mind is racing with opportunity. You have really motivated me to take action.

You were definitely the best presenter over the 3 days. It was a stand out performance for the conference.

Kate Cummings
Latrobe University

Thankyou for today’s seminar. Luke’s performance has been one of the best lectures I have ever had in my life. Keep in mind that my experience and qualifications include LLB(Hon), BComm, BAPPFin and including attending countless Continuing Legal Education Seminars. Many of those Seminars were conducted by Barristers who are outstanding communicators and leaders in their field of expertise.

I am amazed that Luke was able to cover so much pertinent content, share real life website stories and insights, involved the audience and he kept everyone riveted. His passion and expertise is unquestionable. Also the printed material along with his free website resources are brilliant. This has been a first-rate presentation and incredible value for money.

Sami Elias Aslan
Principal - Afoltern Solicitors

Thank you for your presentation to the Rotary Club of Sylvania at our meeting on Tuesday morning.

You explanation of the incredible potential of the Internet and Website Marketing was informative, entertaining and very professional. It was greatly appreciated by all of our members and their feedback has been incredibly positive.

Thank you for your professionalism and for adding an extra dimension to our meeting.

Keith Stone
President Sylvania Rotary – Business Breakfast

I wanted to drop you a line to thank you for the excellent course yesterday. You are a wealth of useful, practical Internet marketing information and a fantastic presenter.

What a journey I have had over the years…and all the failures really led me to searching for the right knowledge and techniques. I’ve met a few web marketing people over the time and I have to say that it was so refreshing to meet a pro with a heart!

Kim Smith

Luke Hayes not only knows all the facts about successful website marketing, he knows how to enthuse his audience and excite them about growing their companies online. I left his session full of ideas for my own website, with an action plan to develop the best site possible for my business and confidant in its success.

Scott Whitmont
Owner Lindfield Bookshop

your Internet Marketing course at the University of NSW was filled with useful information and has given me a clear picture of how to proceed. You are an excellent lecturer, very approachable and you present things in a doable and easy to understand way.

Margaret Leonard
Director UNSW Institute of Languages

Thankyou for an amazing course yesterday. It was “Prodigious” meaning: (colossal, enormous, fantastic, gigantic, herculean, immense, jumbo, king-size, mammoth, massive, mighty, monumental, mortal, stupendous, thumping, towering, tremendous, vast). Anyway that about sums up how fantastic it was.

Due to both your excellent presentation skills and your deep knowledge of website marketing know how, I am now feeling confident to launch Outings Guide with the energy required to enter a very competitive market.

Thanks again, and I look forward to dealing with you in the future.

Sebastian Jacobs

Thank you for a great, informative, energetic, entertaining and exciting seminar. You have motivated me to take action. I am familiar with many of the "big wig" gurus in Internet Marketing from around the world and you're up there with the best, and in fact better than most.

I will definitely recommend to anyone that is serious about kick starting their website, whether in small business like myself or a larger corporation, they absolutely must attend one of your presentations.

Margaret Tucker
Marketing Executive

Luke the marketing tools that you gave me in your course have directly resulted in online bookings. Most of my bookings for local tours are now coming from the website.

Since doing Luke's course, I implemented the ideas and tools he gave me and my website has gone from being lost in cyberspace to all of a sudden being on page one of a Google Search Engine which is just incredible.

Anyway, thanks once again and I'll hopefully see you soon on Night Cat Tours. Meeeoooowww!

Stephen Arnerich - Proprietor

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