Social Networking

Social Networking

Social Networking is now the way the world communicates online.

The most obvious examples are Facebook, YouTube, Wikipedia and Twitter. These sites allow community connection, interaction and contribution.



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Turn Your Website Into A Social Networking Site

On your website you can include social networking tools like;

  • Blog
  • Forums
  • RSS Feeds
  • Noticeboard
  • Members Area
  • Interactive News
  • Email Marketing System
  • Links to Your Facebook Page/Twitter Account
  • Share/Join Us Buttons (Facebook & Twitter)

Luke Hayes design team can help you create your own... next generation marketing website with social networking tools.




Blog’s are brilliant because you can quickly and easily add quality content to your site.  This keeps your website fresh and up-to-date.

A BLOG is a short message (ideally between 100 and 200 words).  But it can be as long or short as you like.

I'm finding that people are viewing my BLOG posts more than my articles and reports.  I conducted my own survey and found that it’s because people want the great information.

Here are some BLOG content ideas; (profile your products, quality marketing tips, Your business or industry news, provide interesting information, tell them about a new staff person you have hired, write about an award you received, or a case study of great results, etc).  Just remember readers want it in a short, concise format.

You can also add an image along with a BLOG post.

Your web visitors can comment on your BLOG post.  If you are happy with their comment, you accept it and it is added to the bottom of your BLOG post.  So it is like a conversation.  You can add fake comments in here if you want to create a sense of community and customer interaction.

Forums - Noticeboards - Interactive News

These are powerful website features that enable your website and visitors to exchange ideas, thoughts and comments.

Social networking tools bring your website communication to life, and add credibility due to their transparent nature and 3rd party contributions. They also encourage your customers to come back to your website over and over again, which builds a loyal and active customer base.

Key aspects of these tools are:

  • Unlimited posts
  • Ability to moderate (decide what entries to include)
  • Public or private forums
  • Fully customizable appearance
  • Forum subscription and alerts
  • HTML or Text based forums
  • Ability to add images.
  • And much more!

RSS Feeds

Having created your content such as Blogs or news headlines, a great way for you to get this information to your customers is through RSS. Your customers can subscribe to your RSS feed so that whenever you update a blog or news headline they will automatically receive it in their RSS reader.

Some of the Key Features for RSS is:

  • Create an unlimited number of RSS channels
  • Syndicate and share any type of content e.g. blogs, web pages, news and announcements, FAQs etc
  • Set update frequency of your RSS channels
  • Reports on RSS usage and items selected from within a feed

Members Only Areas - Secure Zones

Having a member’s only area allows you to designate one or more areas of your website as secure. Accessing the Secure Zone requires customers to enter their username and password. If this is not entered they will be denied access to the Secure Zone. You can set up as many Secure Zones as you need to.

Using secure members area is a fantastic way to;

  • Provide and manage your customer service content.
  • Provide your loyal customers with your best value added content.
  • Provide private access for members only (makes them feel special).
  • Capture more valuable customer information to improve your marketing.

Facebook has evolved to make sharing information more efficient and to give people more control. This year, we are going to continue making the flow of information even faster and more customized to those you want to connect and communicate with, no matter how broadly or privately. To give you a framework for how we're thinking about these upcoming changes, it's important to understand how Facebook has developed and where we're heading.

Facebook creates connections between people who live, work and go to school together. By registering for a work network, you expand your Facebook universe. The site offers co-workers at supported companies the chance to network both for work and fun.

Email Marketing System

E-mail marketing is a form of email that allows you to communicate to customers that have subscribed to your email campaign. Email marketing can be used to maintain relationships with your customers, encouraging customer loyalty and repeat business. Email Marketing is also a great way of promoting your products and services, like reminding them of any sales you are running.

Here are just a few of the features of Email marketing:

  • Hundreds of templates to help you create professional looking Email Newsletters.
  • Integrated customer database that grows as customers subscribe or interact with your website
  • HTML or Text Emails (HTML emails contain text version also)
  • A full history of past campaigns sent to each customer including open rates, actions taken and links clicked
  • Easily add a subscription box to any web page to allow customers to subscribe to your newsletters

For more information on Email Marketing features CLICK HERE

Linking to Facebook/Twitter

With the rise of Social media like Facebook, more and more businesses are using social media to increase their exposure and give them another way to promote their products or services. Many websites today have a link to their business Facebook or Twitter page (and vice versa).

Ways we can link your Facebook/Twitter account to your website:

  • Create a professional looking Facebook page that maintains your look and branding to learn more CLICK HERE

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