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Guiding Principal #1

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- Time: 1.40mins

The quality of your website marketing equals the size of your profits.

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Guiding Principal #2

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- Time: 1.50mins

First Impressions are life or death for your website, and you only get six seconds.

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Guiding Principal #3

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- Time: 2.58mins

Interesting, Exciting and Satisfying.  Give them what they want and they will buy.

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Audience Questions Answered:

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- Time: 1.14mins

What are your thoughts on the use of graphics?

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Audience Questions Answered:

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- Time: 0.48mins

Can my book shop at Newtown compete with

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You Are Responsible:

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- Time: 1.47mins

There are some critical website strategy questions that we need to answer.  It’s a huge mistake to leave the success and profitability of your website up to your web designer.

Luke Video
Audience Questions Answered:

- 3.40MB
- Time: 1.54mins

How do I make my website a place that my visitors will enjoy and want to visit?

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Audience Questions Answered:

- 2.60MB
- Time: 1.30mins

Can you give us some examples of businesses that are using their websites to save money online?

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What’s In It For Me!

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- Time: 0.55mins

There is only one reason someone visits your website?


Luke Video
Testimonial Video Messages:

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- Time: 3.27mins

10 testimonial messages from random audience members.

Here are some of the comments that you will hear:
• High in practical content and take away value.
• Very entertaining, engaging, fun and enjoyable.
• Well structured presentation and a wonderful theme.
• Given us marketing strategies that we can implement.
• Luke is a wonderful presenter...dynamic, great energy.
• Lots of real life examples,makes it easy to understand.
• Luke’s website knowledge and experience is amazing.
• Luke blew us away.