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How website consulting can help you!

If you are tired of struggling along, scraping by, then it's time to get help. 

If you already have a million dollar business, or if you're just getting started with your own home-based Internet business, you owe it to your self to get it right, make money and to achieve your dreams.


Web Marketing

Get Luke’s expert help right now!

Web Consultant Option 1:

(every aspect of your website planned and fine-tuned)

- An outstanding website does not happen by accident.
- The key to success is always planning and preparation.
- Don't waste your money & years learning from trial & error.
- Luke gets you 100% ready before you invest with a designer.
- If you already have a website it will be thoroughly critiqued.
- Pre-work (research & preparation) is done by Luke Hayes prior
   to your one-on-one consultancy session. 
- Allocated Time: 4 days includes pre-work, meetings, follow-up.
- Investment Only $2200

Web Consultant Option 2:

(ask any questions, tackle any challenges)

- Pre-work (research & preparation) is done by Luke Hayes prior
   to your one-on-one consultancy session.
- When we are clear on your needs, objectives and have
   formulated a specific action plan, a 2 hour consultancy
   session is scheduled.
- It can be an existing website or a start-up.
- Breakthrough ideas and insights guaranteed.
- Confidential, clear and insightful help on any issues.
- Allocated Time: 5 hours:
   Includes research and pre-work, travel, meeting, follow-up report.

- Investment Only $395 +gst

Web Marketing


Luke Hayes

Web Marketing Consultant

We Guarantee You An Extraordinary Website

Today it’s no longer good enough to have a good website.
You need an extraordinary website to be successful.

You can have a good website, good design, good content, but that’s not enough.  Good is common.  Good is boring. Just having a good website is the enemy of having a great website.


Guarantee Your Success:  Internet Marketing Consultant ensures success.
You have to design your website with a winning strategy in mind.

Excellent design and strategy doesn't happen by accident.  Getting help from Luke Hayes as your Internet Marketing Consultant guarantees success.

Remember a good website is not enough.  Nothing less than extraordinary will win you more clients and profits.

Australian Website Marketing

Are you looking for a Internet Marketing Consultant

  • Who specialises in Small Business?
  • Who has proven results?
  • Who guarantees his service?

As a business owner you need to specialise in serving your customers and managing your business.

I'll guide you to start and grow a wildly profitable Internet business from scratch. 

Anyone can get a website, but let’s make sure you get the best website, at the right price, with a clear powerful strategy that will earn you big profits and success.


Australian Website Marketing

Internet Marketing Consultant Service:


If you need to develop a new website I can HELP.

An Internet Marketing consultant is an external expert, at your service and focussed on making it EASY for you.  So you get it right the first time without wasting time or money.

You get a complete implementation plan.  Every important decision is considered and covered.


Why Use A Web Marketing Consultant?

Using an Internet marketing consultant works because you SAVE TIME and MONEY. 

You get a brilliant result without the hassle.

We develop Internet marketing strategies every day.  We will help and guide you to define your website goals and opportunities. Then we create a customized plan that is TOTALLY results focussed.

You'll be able to implement with total confidence.  Yes we can even help you negotiate with web designers and with implementation.

If you a serious about Internet marketing success and getting a new website that really works, don't delay. 
Contact us now.

Choose the website marketing help
that you need:

Starting a new website?

If you need to develop and launch a new website I can HELP. I'll guide you to start and grow a wildly profitable Internet business from scratch.

It will be EASY for you to get it right the first time without wasting time or money.

Let’s make sure you get the best website, at the right price, with a clear powerful strategy that will earn you big profits and success.

Improve an existing site?

Does your current website need turbo charging? Are you on the wrong track, not achieving results? I can get you on track fast with fresh ideas & insights.

This is the EASY way to transform your website. Let’s find out what’s holding you back?

I will critique your website, the navigation, copy and content, sales & promotional strategies and provide you with sure-fire ideas for website success.

Luke’s Website Consulting Process

It is through process of Website Consulting that your specific goals are achieved. With guaranteed results. I will help you with strategy, insight and implementation to give you the competitive advantage. Website Consulting Achieves Results!


Get Luke’s expert help developing your website marketing plan. From promotional and sales strategies, website content or even meeting with your web development team. This service is totally customized.


With Luke’s expertise you can make a quantum leap and achieve extraordinary RESULTS FAST. Below are two different services that can SAVE you hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars.

Website Consulting: TAKE ACTION, BOOK NOW…

Make a decision to succeed right NOW. Luke’s website consulting service is guaranteed to deliver real results. ACT NOW!

Website Consulting: 100% RISK FREE GUARANTEE!

Luke’s Guarantee: If I’m not able to help you or if you are not completely satisfied, I don't want you to pay a single cent. I know from experience (after consulting with hundreds of businesses) that I will deliver MASSIVE value. So I’m making your decision to get my professional guidance and expertise absolutely risk free!

You have nothing to lose, and imagine the savings, new ideas, opportunities and growth you will gain. You deserve excellent value and should expect nothing less. If you are not 100% satisfied simply notify me via Phone or Email and I will refund your investment.

Do you need help STARTING A NEW WEBSITE from scratch?

If you are getting a new website:

  • you don’t want to waste time.
  • you don't want to waste money.
  • you don’t want to get it wrong.

You do want a site that is profitable and brings you more business.  Click here now!


Web Consultant - Ready To Help You

In this new wave of technology, you can't do it all yourself, you have to form alliances.

Do you know who said that?

It was Carlos Slim… the world's most successful businessman and currently the world’s richest man, with a net worth of around US$60.6 billion dollars.

You don't have to try to do it all, we're hear to help.  Click here now!



Do you need help to IMPROVE YOUR WEBSITE results?

Yes you have an existing website, BUT it is not producing the results you hoped for.
What’s holding you back? Let’s find out. Lets fix it.  Click here now!

Website Consulting Hourly Rate or Additional Hours:

Hourly Rate or Additional Hours:
Any of the consulting packages that are detailed below can be extended in half hour increments.

Allocated Time: 0.5 hour
Investment: $ 175.00
If Luke Hayes is booked purely on an hourly rate:

Allocated Time: 1 hour
Investment: $ 395.00

Luke is available on an hourly rate to help with;

  • strategic planning
  • decision making
  • review your website marketing plans
  • to answer your website marketing question
  • brainstorming sessions with your management
  • management briefing to guide and deliver insight

Website Consulting: Discover Your Needs

Allocated Time: 1 hour
Investment: $ 395.00
Luke can help you grow your business and improve your profits. The first step is to discover your underlying needs. Only when your needs are clearly known can appropriate solutions be prescribed.

A needs analysis helps you determine what is required to move forward and achieve your vision. When you understand your challenge you can create a winning solution.

All projects that Luke takes on are partnerships and collaborations with you the client. So it’s important that you set out with clear objectives, the same thinking as each other, and a massive desire to achieve results.

Achieving this result can include;

  • Situation Analysis
  • Website Objectives
  • Value to the organization

Website Consulting: Planning For Website Implementation

Allocated Time: 3.5 hours
Investment: $ 1295.00

Luke has been helping Australian businesses establish powerfully effective and profitable websites since the beginning of time. Internet time that is…

The key to online success is planning and preparation. Zig Ziglar said “You can tell how high a building will go by the size of the hole in the ground.” How wise and true. It’s the strong foundation that supports future growth. Laurie Lawrence (the legendary Australian swimming coach) said “Success is the celebration of preparation.”

Prior to initiating web development a plan for success must be developed. Creating an outstanding website does not happen by accident. This intense session provides clients with the architectural plans to build a profitable and effective site.

Achieving this result can include;

  • Choose a powerful web address and branding strategy
  • Short Term Planning (3 months) with actionable goals to ensure results
  • Broad Strategy Development
  • Detailed Plan for Web Development
  • Domain name selection and strategies
  • Develop a persuasive value proposition for each of your target groups
  • Site Map Developed which is the architectural plan of your website. It should never be left up to your web designer to plan your sites structure
  • Website Copy Writing System and tips
  • Plan Visual Appearance and Image of Website
  • Help with direction and decision making to maximise cost savings

Website Consulting: Strategy Formulation

Allocated Time: 3 hours
Investment: $ 1,175.00

This is the Mercedes Benz of website marketing consultancy. High quality and high performance… Michael E. Porter from the Harvard Business review said “The greatest threat to an established company lies in either failing to deploy the Internet, or failing to deploy it strategically.”

Luke can help you achieve massive profits and results. We can help you create an unfair advantage and outperform your competitors. Through strategy you can differentiate your business, your website and your offering.

It is not enough to just have a website. You need to have a website strategy to be efficient, effective and achieve results.
Using strategic marketing principals a plan for market penetration, business growth and profits is created to ensure that your website is focussed and effective.

Achieving this result can include;

  • Mid to Long Term Planning (Up to 3 Years) with actionable goals to ensure results
  • Detailed Strategy and Tactical Development to give you a clear outcome and the road map to get there
  • Identifying your current and potential online markets
  • Establish the Website Purpose, Goals and measure
  • Online Market Research & Competitor Analysis
  • Create Innovate Ideas to Outperform Competition
  • Build Operational and Managerial Efficiencies Into the Site
  • Implement Sales Strategies to Convert Visitors to Paying Clients
  • Copywriting that engages and compels visitors to interact with your site and take action
  • Help with direction and decision making to maximise your revenue generating opportunities. This optimises your return on investment

Website Consulting: Website Promotion

Allocated Time: 2.5 hours
Investment: $ 975.00

The manager of IBM’s website Mike Moran said “If consumers can't find our product, they can't buy it." So you have built a Website, but will they come? Only if you have invited them by promoting your site effectively!!!

If you invest in a website then you absolutely must get visitors to your site. In this session Luke will help you develop promotional strategies that will drive a massive number of visitors to your site in a cost effective way.

Achieving this result can include;

  • Ensure that the marketing fundamentals are in place to support a successful promotional campaign
  • Choose the best Promotional strategies that fit with the businesses broader marketing mix and will drive targeted traffic to their site. This could include Search Engine marketing, Email marketing, Joint ventures and strategic alliances, Publicity, Advertising, Reciprocal links, Viral Marketing, Multi level marketing, Affiliate program and Referral programs
  • Develop a specific and creative implementation plan for each Promotional Strategy
  • Set measurable objectives for the campaign so that results can be evaluated
  • Help with the implementation of your promotional campaign
  • Refine your promotional techniques to maximise high quality visitors

Website Consulting: Search Engine Optimisation

Allocated Time: 1.5 hours
Investment: $ 550.00

Google is the most frequently visited website in Australia and dominates the world of online search. You need to understand what Google is looking for when they are ranking your web pages.

Luke will teach you the key strategies to drive your website to the top of the search engines. The lesson will be focussed around your website so you will leave the session with an action plan.

If you give a man to fish you can feed him for a day, but teach him how to fish and he will eat forever.

Website Consulting: Website Review & Performance Analysis

Allocated Time: Needs analysis required
Investment: Quote provided after a needs analysis is conducted

It’s important to keep your website up to date. No body wants old milk, stale bread, or last week’s news. You have to be fresh and current. Luke will bring a fresh set of eyes to your website and a new approach and thinking to your analysis.

Albert Einstein said;

“We can’t solve a problem at the same level of thinking
that we used to create the problem.”

Most websites provide a disappointing experience for their users. So when people arrive they typically click away. If that same user comes across your VALUE packed website, the sale is made.

You need to take full advantage of the opportunity to serve every person that visits your site. Give them value and satisfy their need for instant gratification, as well as making your site easy to navigate and use. If your visitors are not impressed and interested in your site them your competitors are only a mouse click away.

Get the help you need to take your website to the next level. It is crucial to continuously seek to improve and update your website for clients. Through ongoing optimisation a business can ensure that their online investment is producing the greatest possible results.

You will receive a detailed report, with a complete analysis and a detailed list of actionable improvements. Often clients hand this report directly to their website designer and get them to make the suggested changes straight away.

Achieving this result can include;

  • Usability Testing and User Experience development to identify critical issues and opportunities that can improve your sites performance
  • A comparison with your competitors to see what they are doing better
  • Choose relevant metrics and analysis your websites statistical performance
  • Analysis of navigation structure and mechanics to ensure optimised performance
  • Analyse download speeds of your web pages and suggestions for optimisation
  • Benchmarking your websites performance in key areas
  • Reviewing performance against planned goals
  • Reviewing search engine optimisation performance for critical key words
  • Internet User & Industry reports providing market place insights
  • Correspond with decision makers within your organization on results and opportunities
  • Recommend redesign and copy changes based on analysis by Luke Hayes
  • Recommend redesign and copy changes based on testing results
  • Help you understand your website traffic reports and provide strategies for utilizing this information to make winning decisions
  • A follow up meeting by phone or face to face to explain and work through the findings, suggestions and solutions

Website Consulting: In-House Workshops and Monitoring

Allocated Time: Half Day (customized to your exact needs)
+ Prior Needs Analysis
+ Bonuses
+ Follow Up and coaching
Investment: $ 2,500.00

Full Day: $3,500.00

Spending one day with a wise man, is worth more than reading a 1000 books…
Chinese Proverb.

This is an intense and powerful program conducted at your location with as many participants as you want, numerous topics can be covered. Each workshop is totally customized to meet your needs.

Website Marketing Training - Workshops Tailored to the Organizations needs.

  • Includes a Needs Analysis prior to training day
  • Includes a four hour workshop for your team at your business or venue
  • Includes four week follow up Email communication with all Participants
  • Includes four one-on-one Coaching and Mentoring sessions for your key personnel and as a follow up for course participants. Each session lasts about twenty minutes

  • Training is brought directly to you so you save on time and travel expenses
  • Training is customized to meet your requirements and fit your needs
  • Training can be scheduled immediately by phone or you can book online
  • Training is extremely cost effective compared to other courses and programs

All that is required for an in-house training session is a classroom or other appropriate location to conduct the program. A white board and/or flip-chart will need to be available. Luke will supply Audio Visual equipment.

Achieving this result can include;

  • Training your marketing staff and executives on website marketing principals
  • Motivating the organizations employees to understand and utilize your website
  • Inspiring your employees to contribute to the success of your corporate website
  • Helping your team work effectively with web designers to achieve greater synergy and results
  • Teaching and work-shopping strategic website planning to ensure online profits and sales
  • Developing sales strategies that will compel users to action and achieve greater conversion rates
  • Teach and develop appropriate analytical measures and action steps to ensure performance
  • Developing your websites value proposition to win clients, repeat business and referrals

Website Consulting: I want to help you.

If you need help planning a new website click here!


If you need me to critique an existing site click here!

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