Is Your Website Making These Mistakes?

Use this simple 8 point website checklist to ensure your site achieves the best possible results online:

  1. Is your phone number displayed prominently on the top right of your website?
    - This is a key spot for your website visitors to take action and contact you.
    - Important for persuading and enabling customers to easily contact you.
  2. Is your physical practice address in the footer on every page of your website?
    - This is very important for Google local search.
  3. Do you have a site map on the footer on every page of your website?
    - This is important for Google.
  4. Is your website modern and uncluttered?
    - Important for Trust and Credibility.
  5. Is your current website easy to navigate and find the relevant information?
    - The easy usability of your website directly impacts the number of conversions.
  6. Does your website include a Call To Action?
    - Make it clear what you want people to do:
       - BUY NOW
  7. Does your website have a prominent position in Google for local searches?
    - Potential new buyers are searching Google.
    - Google gives a preference to local business close to the area where the searcher is located.
  8. Is your website responsive? (automatically adjusting for perfect viewing on a mobile phone)
    - Google reports over 50% of all website page views are now on a mobile phone.

Your website is your best opportunity to attract new customers.  So make sure your site can be found,  is user-friendly,  clearly provides all the information about your business, services, products.

To your success,

Luke Hayes
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