Email Message Timing Is Crucial

What is the best day to send your email newsletter?

Most people open their email messages on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday each week.  So use these days, the peak opening period to maximise the success of your email newsletter. 

In most cases avoid sending your newsletter out on a Monday because people are already too busy and don't send on a Friday because most people are already anticipating the weekend.

Of course, this trend may differ for your business or industry.  For example a popular dating site that I worked with found that statistically their emails were opened on Friday and Saturday.  It’s important to research the possibilities to maximise your effectiveness in an email marketing campaign. 

Use special events such as birthdays, when you launch a new website, or dates such as Mother’s Day, Christmas, Melbourne Cup and other events or holidays to send an email to your list of subscribers.

Example:  Luke, don’t forget your mother on Mother’s day; here’s a coupon…

Example:  Happy Birthday, Luke!  We have a special gift for you…

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Selling Via Email - You Must Create Urgency

Time sensitive offers really drive response rates up.

Two particular traits drive the human race in terms of marketing success:
- the perception of getting an excellent deal and
- the potential of missing out (scarcity)

By creating a sense of urgency in your email, you create a persuasive force to encourage person to take action.  You will increase the response of people who want what you have, you will encourage impulsive buying and get more people to buy.

The best way to create this sense of urgency is to offer a time-sensitive incentive to make the purchase right away. TAKE ACTION RIGHT NOW!!!

Words like “act now”, “right away”, “don’t hesitate”, “limited time only”, “buy now”, and “hurry” are all great word cues to any of your email marketing customers that you are about to offer a special deal and will draw them in to be sure to read the email carefully and with great interest. 

Once you’ve got their initial attention, you need to offer them some sort of incentive that has a perceived value they can’t refuse.  A percentage discount on certain items or for certain days only can be a great incentive:

Example:  With each email you could offer a $5 discount voucher.  The offer expires at 6pm this Friday {date}

Example:  Shop with this coupon code and receive 20% discount on all orders before Wednesday {date}

Example:   Buy now to get your free {gift bonus} , offer ends midnight Tonight {date}diary of special events

You can even offer a free gift – a sample size of something or something that doesn’t cost you a lot of money but again will be seen as highly valuable by your customers. Then add a dead-line to the offer and watch your sales soar.

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Email Testing For Maximum Results

If you hire a professional email marketing company to run a campaign for you, I can guarantee they will do some testing before they send out the email campaign.

When you create an email newsletter or marketing message, don’t rely on your instincts; it’s only through email testing that you can see exactly what gets you the best results.

Here’s the good news, testing is quite easy to do.


What are your testing goals?

When you run a test, have one goal in mind.  For example:

  • Change subject lines to identify if more people open up and read email 1 or email 2 or email 3.
  • Change the design or content to see if more people take action and click-through to the offer on email 1 or email 2 or email 3.

Split your list into test groups.

As an example:  If you have an email subscriber list of 4000 people.

  • Choose 100 people to send email 1
  • Choose 100 people to send email 2
  • Choose 100 people to send email 3
  • The remaining 3700 people will receive the best performing email

I always encourage people to improve their email marketing, make it smarter and more effective. Email testing is crucial for optimal success and results.


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How To Avoid Email Spam Filters

Email is still the best return on investment marketing a small business can do.  So it’s worth your time and it’s worth getting it right.  Spam filters look at a long list of criteria to decide whether your email is junk or ok to deliver to the customer.

Spam Filters are on the look-out for spammy phrases like “CLICK HERE!”, “Money Back Guarantee”, “FREE”, “Once in a lifetime opportunity!” or “FREE! BUY NOW!”

They’ll assign negative points every time they see one of those spammy phrases.

Here’s a couple of other spam triggers:

  • Going crazy with exclamation points!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • USING ALL CAPS, WHICH IS LIKE SCREAMING VIA EMAIL (especially in the subject line)
  • Colouring fonts bright red or green
  • Using sloppy HTML, usually from converting a Microsoft Word file to HTML
  • Creating an HTML email that’s nothing but one big images, with little or no text (since spam filters can’t read images, they assume you’re a spammer that’s trying to trick them)
  • When you are doing your own testing, don’t use the word “test” in the subject line.
  • Sending a test to multiple recipients within the same company (that company’s email firewall can only assume it’s a spam attack)

Once you have sent a campaign, look at the statistic Open Rate.  An average Open Rate is 30%.  If you get significantly less than that then you are probably getting classed as Spam and sent to Junk Mail.



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Email Call To Action

What is the outcome that you hope to achieve with your email marketing campaign? What is the point of each individual email you send?

Be clear what you want the recipient of your email message to do.  Clearly ask them to take action NOW.

Creating a sense of urgency is an effective way to get people to take action now.  Email is a lot like the “only on TV” ads, where you can purchase the item advertised and “CALLING RIGHT NOW” gets you that special price and bonus offer, for a limted time only.

When you make the need to do something sound urgent, especially if you add an incentive to the offer, it becomes valuabl;e and persuasive, encouraging readesr of your email message to take action.

Go here right now to get your free gift:

Luke, here's where to grab your video right now:

Do not hesitate. Go to…

If you have any questions, please send an e-mail to
Or call 1800-***-***;  but like I said before, the longer you wait the less chance you will have as we expect to be completely sold out by tomorrow morning!

Sometimes, bolding important text or changing the font size, as you see in the example below, will catch more attention and become more urgent in nature to the reader, pushing them to act right away.


Monday 29TH October

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Subject Line = Print Media Headline

Most people  don't have a clue when it comes to writing effective email copy.  To them, graphics make the page visible, and keywords make it come up on a search. 

When it comes to an email message, the very first words the recipient reads, even before opening the email message, is the subject line. 

It all starts with your email subject line, which absolutely must grab the attention of the target audience.  Otherwise your email gets deleted and then your entire message is dead and wasted.

Your subject line works the same as a print media headline; its purpose is to grab attention and peak your readers’ interest.  This is important because, as an email marketer, your first priority is to get the recipient / subscribers to open your message instead of deleting it.  You don’t want to be thrown out with all of the junk mail and spam.

If you consistently deliver value to your subscribers and let them know through the subject that the contents are worth reading, they will be pleased when your email message arrives. If your subject line grabs their interest and attention, they will be much more inclined to open and read your message.  The alternative is DELETE…

Don’t try to be too cute in your subject line, and don’t use more than 10 words in the line.  Most of all, be honest and don’t try to trick people because you’ll just anger them. 

Personalising the subject line with the recipient’s name is good, and stating a benefit they will receive by opening and reading the email is essential. 

Make sure when they open your message that you deliver the goods.  Stay focused on the topic at hand, singling out that lone issue and not veering off the path and talking about unrelated issues.  Here are some sample subject lines:

EXAMPLE SUBJECT:             Luke, 7 Things You Can Do To Read Faster

EXAMPLE SUBJECT:             This book is the best kept secret in …………….

EXAMPLE SUBJECT:             Luke, here’s all the information you need about…

EXAMPLE SUBJECT:             Luke, we have two more gifts for you!


NOTE:  The only way to know what subject line works best is TESTING.

COPYWRITING TIP:  Use powerful words that sell in your subject lines and throughout your Email message.  Get your free list of powerful copywriting words by clicking the link.


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Email Personalisation Boosts Results 200%

When you communicate with your customers, you want them to feel special. You also want to be in good repour with them. Nothing sounds sweeter to your customer than the sound or sight of their own name.

It’s as simple as collecting the person’s name at the same time you get their email address. 

As time goes on and opportunities arise you can collect other important and relevant bits of information about your customer, example birthday, allowing you to further personalise the messages you send.

Even without a name, the salutation can be used to increase the value of your email.  The way you open and close the letter is crucial to the perceived interest you take in your readers.  Specialized terms can be used, depending upon the type of business you're in:

-  Dear Neighbour,
-  Dear Club Member,
-  Dear Wine Lover,
-  Dear Bird Watcher,


You can also improve your email closing, making it more intimate or specialized than a standard “Sincerely”:

-  Cheers,
-  To your success,
-  Thanks in advance,
-  Awaiting your response,


Email marketing software is now inexpensive and helps you do this with field and database options.  The software makes it very easy to insert the name of the people that you are emailing, as well as other personalised information.  This type of software can also track previous buying history, geographical location and preferences.

There are many ways that you can personalise your email messages, here are some more examples:

  • This special offer is only for residents of Balmain.
  • This special offer is a thank you for your recent purchase of …
  • As you have now been a member of our Newsletter for 12 months, we have a special bonus you may like to take advantage of.
  • As you are a fellow collector of Wizzy Wiggs, we would like to invite you in for the exclusive pre-opening sale.
  • We have a very special offer for fans of the Australian Cricket team.


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Auto Responders and Curriculum Marketing


If i sign up to your email newsletter, I want immediate acknowledgement, with a thankyou page telling me I've successfully subscribed and also a confirmation email message. The responce needs to be instantaneous to gain trust and confidence. 

This professional and instant communciation can be achieved through email by setting up your email system so that, as soon as someone new completes their subscription process, an email is automatically sent.  It could be a single email or a series of email messages sent.  These automated email messages have been prepared by you in advance.  This is called an Auto Responder email.



I send a seven day training program on Search Engine Marketing via email so that each day the subscriber receives a new lesson.  The lessons are automatically sent by my email system (Auto Responder).  Each of these emails (lesson) has a high perceived value due to a great deal of informative content.  While my subscribers are opening, reading, and enjoying my email lessons, we are building a relationship and developing repour.  This is called Carriculum marketing.  The process builds trust, a relationship and primes my subscribers to become paying customers.

Can you find a way to educate your customers?

If you have some useful information or tips that your target market would find valuable, you have an excellent opportunity to market to them.  Using the auto responder system, you don’t even have to do a lot of work to send out your email lessons.  Showing them the benefits of your solution and educating them on why you have the best offering in the market place.

The auto responder email technology makes it simple and does all the work, making curriculum marketing a very powerful tool.  It is totally automated and allows you to serve thousands of customers with little effort.


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How To Build Your Email List Off-Line

In the real world there are always thousands of opportunities to grow and build your Email marketing list, and it’s important to always take advantage of face-to-face interaction with clients to sign them up for your list.

Here are 5 super-simple tips for your consideration. You know your own business needs, so I’m confident that you will be able to decide which of these ideas are right for you.


Do you have a retail shop?  If so, you should definitely be taking advantage of this opportunity to add everyone who walks through the door to your Email list.  A passive way to gain the information you need is to have a fish bowl where people can drop in their business card. 

Consider running competitions to add an incentive.  You can also take a more active approach and ask every single person if they would like to join, doing your best to persuade them on the benefits.


In order for networking to work for you, it is important to attend events and functions specifically for this purpose. 

When you are networking at functions and swapping business cards, speak to as many people as possible – probability of meeting individuals who are interested in what you offer increases based on the number of people you speak to. 

Send the people you have met an email and let them know you will add them to your email list; then send them regular emails offering valuable gifts like those we’ve discussed previously.


Trade shows are an excellent opportunity to sign up hundreds of people that have a genuine interest in what you are offering.  In this case, people visit your booth or table specifically because they are interested, so it is a prime opportunity to get their email address and sign them up to get “more valuable information and prizes”.


I regularly present at seminars and conferences.  It’s a fantastic way to meet your target audience and sign them up. 

If you do or can run seminars you have an excellent opportunity to build your email list.  I ask audience members to fill in a standard information gathering form if they would like to be added to my email list.  Another way to manage the process is to get their email address at the time of registering for the seminar.


If you are phoning or mailing your clients or target audience, it is a prime opportunity to build an email list by asking them to sign up to receive information by email rather than phone or snail mail. 

Remember that if you provide a strong incentive to encourage people to join your email list, it will definitely increase your opt-in-rate.


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How To Build Your Email List On-Line

Here are 4 super-simple tips for getting customers to sign up online.


Make sure that the advertisement you use on your website is big and convincing.  You need to grab the visitor’s attention and interest.

If you have a little box with the words “Sign up to get our free newsletter” it will not be visible enough and no one will ever sign up. 

You have to be convincing, using BIG BOLD TYPEFACE and BRIGHT COLORS to attract attention.  Describe the benefits using colourful language and have a BIG incentive that makes subscribing irresistible.


Here’s an idea for an incentive that always works.  Write a short, helpful report about an aspect or your business, industry, product, or service that you are willing to give away. 

The key is that this give away must be something that your target market will find desirable and valuable and at the same time won’t cost you very much, if anything to source or produce.  For example, I developed this email course that you are currently reading as an incentive to encourage my target market to subscribe to my email list.

As visitors arrive on your website you offer the report (or other incentive) as a free gift.  They simply enter their name and email address into a quick form on your website, and you email them the report that they requested.

This basic strategy has proven to be incredibly powerful for thousands of businesses around the world. The best part is it’s really easy for you to implement.  In just a few hours you can create a big net to catch your website visitors email addresses with a delicious incentive to attract them.


Competitions where people can win cash, trips or other BIG prizes always attract lots of sign-ups.  The key is to make sure the prize is so BIG and exciting that it is worth people clicking and entering.

The only stipulation with this kind of campaign is that, once you have gotten names and email addresses from a competition you have to work twice as hard to impress them and build a trusting relationship.  Otherwise, they will just unsubscribe or start deleting your messages without reading them.


This is dangerous water because there are so many spammers out there abusing inboxes by inundating people with bogus messages.  But if you are a legitimate marketer and you rent a legitimate email list then this can be an effective means for reaching thousands of your target customers in a single shot, offering them an incentive to join your list.

Sharon, a client of mine, rented a list from her industry association and sent all of the members an email offering a free seminar which included lunch and drinks.  When people subscribed to the seminar they were also giving Sharon permission to communicate with them.  It was a very successful strategy for building her data base.


IMPORTANT TIP: Because renting a list is dubious and some people may be offended by receiving email messages from you (because they have not given you their permission to contact them), you should be up front, indicating in your email message that you obtained their details from “source”. Let them know that that you offer products and services you believe he or she would want to know about.  Not being totally upfront with them is a fast track to starting a bad relationship.


FINAL NOTE:  Set up an auto-responder so that, once someone has subscribed, they automatically receive a note thanking them for their subscription and:
- Provide an unsubscribe link.
- Remind them what they'll receive from you and how often.


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