Is Your Website Making These Mistakes?

Use this simple 8 point website checklist to ensure your site achieves the best possible results online:

  1. Is your phone number displayed prominently on the top right of your website?
    - This is a key spot for your website visitors to take action and contact you.
    - Important for persuading and enabling customers to easily contact you.
  2. Is your physical practice address in the footer on every page of your website?
    - This is very important for Google local search.
  3. Do you have a site map on the footer on every page of your website?
    - This is important for Google.
  4. Is your website modern and uncluttered?
    - Important for Trust and Credibility.
  5. Is your current website easy to navigate and find the relevant information?
    - The easy usability of your website directly impacts the number of conversions.
  6. Does your website include a Call To Action?
    - Make it clear what you want people to do:
       - BUY NOW
  7. Does your website have a prominent position in Google for local searches?
    - Potential new buyers are searching Google.
    - Google gives a preference to local business close to the area where the searcher is located.
  8. Is your website responsive? (automatically adjusting for perfect viewing on a mobile phone)
    - Google reports over 50% of all website page views are now on a mobile phone.

Your website is your best opportunity to attract new customers.  So make sure your site can be found,  is user-friendly,  clearly provides all the information about your business, services, products.

To your success,

Luke Hayes
Web Marketing Strategy

Colour Psychology For Business

How Marketers Use Colour Psychology to affect your moods and behaviors?



How Important Are Images On Your Website?

“Content is king”  and “an image is worth a thousand words” are phrases often said, and they’re making a real impact on modern web design.

Modern websites are embracing bigger and better images.  With larger desktop screens and expectations for more creative and visually attractive websites increasing, websites in general are appearing to be more and more image heavy and graphically designed.


Images can guide the user’s focus, and explain a lot about the product in just a few seconds... fast and powerful... more effectively than a paragraph of text. 

However, we need to make sure that images are actually warranted and not just there for filler that  can be distracting,  slows down your page load, and possibly loses you visitors.


A very popular image trend, is using a large background image that sets the tone for the entire site.

Images are an IMPORTANT part of any modern website.  Larger images is the new and better way to design.


To your web design success,
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Web Design HORROR Stories !

Have you been burnt by a web designer?  Avoid the pitfalls!

Unfortunately designers are not all created equal, some are brilliant, but there are many so called designers that are really nightmares.  Read the real life horror stories that were posted by business people just like you.

Maria S. wrote:
I paid a deposit to get my web site designed. The work started. Then it dragged on and on. To cut a long aggravating story short, I never got a working website. I also hadn’t got a signed contract, so I was screwed. It was a huge waste of time and money.

Luke Hayes wrote:
I have heard countless business people tell me the same story about useless web developers that didn't deliver. It happens too often. You must get a contract. You must get it in writing before you pay a single cent.

Andrew N. wrote:
My web site looked great so I paid the balance to the web designer.  Then I started getting Emails from people saying your web site is not displaying properly. It looked fine on my computer, using my Internet browser which is Microsoft’s Internet Explorer. But my web designer hadn’t tested it on other Internet browsers like Netscape, AOL and Mozilla. I went to a new web designer to get the problem fixed and they said they would have to rewrite most of the code for my website, because my original web designer had not used HTML standards.

Luke Hayes wrote:
You definitely need your website to be thoroughly tested on different browsers.  You also need it to be tested on different sized computer screens. People don’t mind to scroll down but scrolling side ways is definitely not appreciated.

B. Harrison wrote:
My web designer told me he would register my Domain name for me. They registered it in their business name not mine. Now they own the name and I have no rights to it.

Dave Designs wrote:
I’m a web designer. I had a client who sold bottled water. The client insisted on a massive animated banner of flowing water with sound. I explained the risks (slow download and aggravation to their web visitors). Nothing could deter the client from having this massive animation on the Home Page. The client launched a strong promotional campaign to advertise the site. The campaign was successful and visitors came. But they all clicked away before the large animated and audio file had fully downloaded. The client called me a month after launch and asked me to redesign the Home Page.  The client got what they wanted both times.

KK wrote:
When I approved my website they posted it to me on a CD. I was expecting to be able to see it on the Internet. They told me that would be a separate charge to upload it to the Internet and test it. I told them to Get #*#*$@

Saz wrote:
I told my web designer I was expecting to get web visitors through the search engines. I expected my web designer to get me listed in the search engines. This never happened. My website doesn’t exist in Google and I get no traffic.

Luke Hayes wrote:
Most web designers do not understand search engine marketing. If you want your web designer to help get your site listed in the search engines or optimised so it ranks highly, then you have to seek out a designer who has the skills to do this for you. Make sure that you have it in writing as part of the contract.

T Rex wrote:
My web designer turned out to be a great sales person but not much else. I was promised the world. The entire design process was shocking. The initial designs were terrible. We parted ways after many frustrating attempts to get it right. This guy just wasn’t a good designer. My kids could have done better with crayons.

Jean T. wrote:
I found a 'free' shop to download from the internet called OsCommerce which is in fact very professional looking and thousands of people round the world are using them. However finding a programmer to tailor make it to suit my needs has been a nightmare. It has been 8 months and 4 programmers later and still not ready. One based in Ukraine from a programming bidding website called Scriptlance - cheap rates but shocking communication and response time.  The lesson I guess is you get what you pay for.

If so share it:


To your website and business success,
Web Marketing Strategy

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9 Step To Web Design Hell

To your website success,
Web Marketing Strategy

Best Selling Author of Website Masterplan

Wordpress Is Always A Security Risk

Wordpress is popular, but it does not mean it’s the best.

It’s popular because it was designed to be a simple to use blog platform. And it was easy to use as a BLOG. Then people decided to start adapting Wordpress to use as a websites ...that's when the security problems started.

Wordpress is not a stable platform to run a business website on. Below I have listed the reasons WordPress is not my platform of choice:

  • It is a whole lot of 3rd party plugins made by different people.  But what do you do if something goes wrong? Who do you call?  There is no support line, or person that is responsible for the reliability of Wordpress websites.
  • It’s prone to virus attacks, because WordPress site is made up of different plug-ins, there are always ways in to infect your website. IT’s estimated that 7 out of every 10 plugins are vulnerable.
  • WP is full of holes and requires a lot of maintenance: updates, fixes, security patches and workarounds. The updates and patches are not automatic, you or someone you pay has to implement the updates.
  • So it’s not my platform of choice.


These are the reasons why we choose to build our websites exclusively on Adobe Business Catalyst and not Wordpress.

  • With Business Catalyst, all of your security worries are over. Adobe automatically manages the security and integrity of their system for all websites using the Business Catalyst system.
  • Business Catalyst produces all of the modules so they are automatically integrated perfectly with each website and they are automatically updated and maintented by Adobe on a continuous basis.
  • With Business Catalyst they provide free support.

Coming Up With Excellent Web Design Ideas

Great web design ideas don’t always magically appear, so you have to use a creative process.

I find the lightning always strikes when I start researching. I usually do this by looking at other websites for inspiration, sometimes up to 30 different, relevant websites.

Try it, when you look through other sites your ideas start flowing.

When you get a really GOOD idea, it starts to take off in your mind… then you start to build on the idea and it grow legs, starts to walk, run and then fly.

Don't get frustrated if you aren’t getting any inspired ideas. Your brain won’t think effectively if you get frustrated. Take a break and come back later...

I guarantee this simple design process will work for you.


To your web design success,
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The Wonders Of Photoshop Retouching Photos

It used to cost thousands to get amazing photos. Today with the help of Photoshop any image can be transformed into beautiful picture.

Models and celebrities always look stunning with their flawless skin on magazine and album covers. Photoshop not only can do enhancements to poorly shot photographs, but it also makes it possible to give an ordinary person superstar qualities.

Check out these examples below which show the magic of Photoshop.



To your Facebook and web success,
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How wide is your website designed?

There are many different computer screens used by people to access the Internet.  Different screens have different resolutions.  Screen resolution is the number of pixels that can be displayed on a screen. 

The pie chart below shows the average screen resolution being used by people.

In the past 18 months screen resolutions have increased. This makes older websites look narrow and out dated.

As we can see computer screens are getting bigger,  so when you design your next website it should be designed wider to effectivly utilise the space.

To your web success,
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Adobe Business Catalyst V’s WordPress

Business Catalyst is not just web hosting, it’s also a license to use their professional software.  One low fee and you get it all integrated together perfectly.  One login, one password, easy...  It includes:

  • Web hosting
  • Web content management software FREE
  • Web Marketing software FREE
  • Web Reporting software FREE
  • Ongoing updates to the software automatic and FREE
  • Ongoing patches and repairs configured for FREE
  • Ongoing new features implemented automatically FREE
  • Ongoing support FREE


WordPress is Open Source website development tool that includes a content management system.  It’s free to download the WordPress tool, but once your site is developed you need to pay a web hosting fee.  WordPress has a plug-in architecture so that anyone can choose extra features and then plug them in and if they don’t exist you can create your own Plug-ins.  Other similar Open Source systems include:

  • Joomla
  • Drupal

Open Source systems are free because they are developed by hobbyists. The people doing the work are simply sharing the fruits of their hobby with the world.

Open Source becomes expensive when the web owner has a problem... and all software has problems and from time-to-time requires repairs (patches).  The client is expected to identify the problems, find the solution and pay to have the solution implemented.  It’s like being your own doctor. It's all good when your healthy but when something goes wrong.

  • Businesses then have to pay a designer to research problems and find patches and plug-ins.
  • Businesses have to pay a designer to install, tweak and configure patches and plugins.
  • Some plug-insare free and some are at a cost.
  • Some plug-ins are good and many are full of limitations and introduce even more bugs.

Especially with the web, new features and new functionality is always evolving.  With open source you don’t automatically get those new features and functions.  You need to pay a designer to implement (find, install, integrate, debug) the new plug-in on your website.

For these reasons I choose Adobe Business Catalyst as the BEST, low cost, easy to implement and maintain website solution.




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