Fresh Start For New Financial Year

A new financial year is a new beginning, so take this opportunity to look at HOW TO DO IT BETTER in the year ahead.

I just read this important business quote from Bernard Tanner the Chief Operating Officer of the Commonwealth Bank:

“At the core of every business strategy should be a strong website.  Online is such a powerful tool because it can simply and effectively help your customers find your business, generate sales and also broaden the geographical reach of your business.”

So right now is a great time to:
•   look at what’s not working perfectly and fix it.
•   Look at your competitors sites, use their good ideas.

Further good news for business, the economy has weathered the storm, and is now showing strong growth and improvement in most sectors.

Now is the time to take advantage of new market conditions, adjust your business practices and optimise your online strategy.

Good luck and happy new financial year!

To your web success,
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