New Facebook Advertising Feature For Local Business

Do you have a business that targets customers in a local area?  For example a dentists, plumber or a restaurant.

Lets say you're a dentists, instead of waiting and hoping for new patients to find you by accident, you can go out and get new patients living in your local community using a new advertising feature on Facebook.

In the past, you probably thought of Facebook as just a way to connect with existing customers and get as  many LIKE's as you can.

This new local advertising feature makes it easy to promote your business in your local area where it really matters.



Facebook allows business to advertise to achieve many different outcomes.  In particular for Dentists, being able to REACH PEOPLE LOCATED NEAR YOUR BUSINESS.


  • Now a dental practice can advertise on Facebook to people that live within a few km of the practice.
  • Your advertisement show up right in their news feed so they don’t miss it.
  • By adding a "Send Message" button, customers can contact you directly from your advert, enhancing results and bookings.
  • Your ad features a photo and message and a call to action to encourage bookings.
  • This type of advertising costs significantly less than Google or any other form of advertising.  So you’ll spend less money by reaching more people in your area.
  • Create local awareness adverts directly from your Facebook Page. All you need to do is set a small daily budget and the area you want to reach.


You can see the results of your local awareness adverts on your Page in the Notifications panel. Here are two things you’ll want to look for.

  • People reached:  This is the number of people you reached in and around your local area.
  • Clicks:  If you selected "Send Message" as your call to action, we’ll tell you how many people clicked on the button in your advert.



Facebook provides the biggest membership website available in Australia and they have a profile on each of their members.  So they know exactly who lives in each community.

You can focus your targeting on everyone in your area or just a specific group of people living in your area.  For example if you know the profile of your 20 most profitable patients, you can advertise to other people just like them.

For example if your best patients were female, living in a certain geographical area, aged between 30-50 years of age and are self-employed, you can easily set your ads to only show to people that have this exact profile.

You can watch a short (2 minute) video on Facebook ad targeting, click here.



Facebook advertising is a tactic known as interrupt marketing.  So your Facebook ad has to firstly get the prospects attention.  So make sure your ad pops, so the prospect definitely looks at it.  This is why Facebook ads are very visual, incorporating eye-catching photos or videos, that pop out at the user.  This is a very different strategy to Google Advertising which is just text.

Give something away on Facebook to GET ATTENTION and get them to TAKE ACTION and make a booking.  You have to get new patients into your practice, then you can sell them on what they need and evolve them into being a profitable, loyal patient.



So you get a new patient in through a special offer.  You’ve given generously to get this new patient in your dental chair.  Now will they reward you with repeat business?

Chances are they will.

You see when someone does something nice for you, you will have a deep-rooted psychological urge to do something nice in return.  This is called “The Law Of Reciprocity”.  So the new patients, due to their human psychology,now have an uncontrollable urge to give back to you.



All ads on Facebook have to have an image.  Adding the right image is one of the most powerful factors in determining the success of your ads.

Text Message On Image
Text on the image statistically works best, but Facebook does not allow you to have text dominating the image, text must take up no more than 20% of the image.

Add Multiple Images
When you create an ad set, you can select up to 6 images.  Can I suggest add at least 3 different images to your ad campaign.  Facebook will split test the different images for you to see which one performs the best at getting the target audience to take action.

What Size Should The Images Be?
The best size image to upload depends on the type of ad you're creating.
Desktop adverts size: 1,200 x 628 pixels



Most dentists don’t make their advertising interesting and emotional.  So once you get the prospects attention with your image, then you have to tell them using text how you can help them using their “Hot Buttons”.  This is also referred to as patient pain points.  You have to point out the prospects problems OR the outcome they really want, and present yourself as the solution, the answer to their preys.



Spend a $200 advertising with Facebook as a test to see if this tactic works for you.
You can set a daily or a lifetime budget for your advertising campaign.

Let’s say you got 1 new patient from your $200 Facebook advert campaign, and you know that the average lifetime value of a patient is $700.  This would be a successful advertising campaign with a positive return on investment.

Once you’ve run a test you’ll know exactly how much it costs to get a new patient via Facebook.



When you first setup a Facebook ad, it does not automatically go live.  It will be pending until a real Facebook employee checks your ad to make sure it meets the Facebook advert guideline.  Typically, ads are reviewed within 24 hours, although in some cases it may take longer.  When your ad is approved and starts running, you’ll receive and email from Facebook to let you know.



Using Facebook local advertising could be the next big step forward for your practice.  It’s easier and cheaper than you would think, so consider giving it a test run.



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