Online Reputation Management

Over the past 24 months there has been a gigantic shift in how consumer behaviour.

Did you know 92% of people read online reviews before selecting a business or service?  

Statistics consistently show that reviews are the number one most influential factor.



What people are saying online has become a critical issue for all businesses.  It’s so important that it’s launched a new marketing discipline called “Online Reputation Management”.

A positive online reputation is an asset, while a negative reputation is very harmful.

•    What are customers saying about you online?
•    What is your online reputation rating/score?
•    Are there any negative reviews online about your business?
•    What to do to create an excellent online reputation?

We cannot completely control what people say about us online, but we can manage our online reputation and make it as positive as possible.  Encouraging happy customers  to leave us a positive review is extremely beneficial.



Google Reviews are the single most important online resource about your business.  Statistics consistently show that these Google Reviews are the #1 most influential factor when a person is making a buying decision.

If a person is given your name as a referral, chances are they’ll research you on Google first, before calling you for an appointment.

When a person searches for your business name on Google, they are instantly presented with an information card on the right side of the Google screen.  The focus of the information card is your Google Review ranking.
•    On a desktop computer the Information Card fills the top right corner.
•    On a mobile phone the Information Card fills the top of the screen.

The new reality for all businesses is that you need to manage your online reputation.  Make sure that when customers are online researching you, they get a POSITIVE message.  Let’s face it, these online reviews about you will either attract new patients, or send them to your competition.



1. Identify any customer or friend who has a Gmail email address.
2. Timing is important so impress them, care for them, give them massive value.
3. When you know the customer is feeling appreciative, ask if they're happy.
4. When they say YES, then ask them to do you a quick one minute favour.
   - Did you have a good experience today?
   - That’s so good to hear.
   - Your satisfaction is really important to us.
   - Would you mind doing us a quick one minute favour,
   - and type us a short Google review?"
5. When they say YES, thank them sincerely.
6. Make it easy and provide them with instructions on how to give you a 5 star review.
   - Create instructions that can be included in a handout or an email message.
   - If you want a copy of the instructions I provide, email me:

For the best results, the person who has the closest connection to the customer should ask them for the review.


A person who wants to do damage to your reputation will find few obstacles online.  It’s very easy to post a comment or review and tarnish your good name.  I get asked all the time “how do I get rid of negative content?”

Unfortunately you can’t remove a negative rating or comment from the Internet, because you did not create it.  But there is an effective way to deal with it.  You bury the odd negative comment or review under a mass of positive ones.

If you get a negative review, I think it’s best to respond in a positive way because other potential customers may read the negative review.  In your response to this review state that you are committed to customer satisfaction and encourage them to contact your office to discuss or resolve the matter.


Your online reputation is critical, because potential new customers will research for you on Google.  So start getting as many positive GOOGLE REVIEWS as you can.  Ask customers, friends and family to leave you a positive review.

To your success,
Luke Hayes







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