Small Changes Can Equal A Huge Boost


When you think big, you tend to overlook little changes that can lead to astounding results. I’ve found that the most powerful innovation happen incrementally…that is small changes add up to really BIG RESULTS. 

QUESTION:  What small change can you make in your business that could result in major growth?

Here are some easy to implement changes I've made that made a huge difference to my business:

-  Get up in the morning 30 minutes earlier.
-  Hire help.
-  Create some systems and a checklist that everyone has to follow.
-  Start promoting.
-  Offer staff more flexibility.
-  Pick a new niche to target.
-  Start calling existing clients to see what help we can offer them.
-  Make everyone stand during the staff meeting and cut it down from 1 hour to 15 minutes.

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