Why Do We Choose One Product Over Another?

Every time you buy something, it is because at a subconscious level you think it will make your life better.

Advertising agencies have understood this for many decades and are effective at portraying their client’s product or service as positive life changing solutions.

Imagine living in Coke’s advertising world where every day is a perfect blue sky, the water is always crystal clear, the sandy beach is perfect, the trees and grass are lush and green, the music is fun and energising, and the people are young, sexy, fit, happy and enjoying life while drinking Coke.

An excellent example of creating positive emotions to get people to buy, are the 30 second TV ads by Apple to sell their iPad and iPhone. There’s not really much substance to the ads, but they create a fantasy world. With an Apple product your life will be transformed. In this fantasy world you will be able to do the amazing, the creative and everything is so easy to do... and of course you will be the coolest, most successful and super happy.

Apple is exceptionally good at creating the fantasy.  Who wouldn’t be engaged by this promise?

Here’s the take away message: Make your customers feel like winners if they buy your product or service. If you can make their shopping experience emotionally satisfying, they’ll buy more, buy more often and tell others how great you are.

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