Writing Staff Profiles - Meet Our Team

There are many benefits to having staff profiles on your website:

  • Show the skill expertise and credentials of your team to customers
  • Presents the human side of your business with a real human face. Customers are more friendly and less sterile and hostile to a person if they can see they have a face.
  • Allows your customers to make a more personal connection with staff
  • Helps make your staff feel valued and more connected to your business

Get each staff person to write their own profile:

  • Must be written in the third person like a short biography
  • Provide a list of questions to help staff write their profile
  • Set a maximum word limit for each staff persons profile
    It's best if the profiles are similar in length.
  • Give staff time to think about, research and write a great profile

Provide your staff with a list of questions to consider when they’re writing their profile.  Typical questions may include:

  • When did you join the company?
  • What’s your day-to-day role?
  • What is your passion relating to your career and current role?
  • What credentials and skills do you have related to your career?
  • Is there something about your personal life you’d like to include: 
    e.g. how do you relax when you’re not at work, hobbies, kids, loves to travel, loves pets, etc.

Include a professional photo of each staff member:

  • If your staff already have professional photos you can use those.
  • Consider getting a photographer in for a few hundred dollars to take professional profile shots. If you use a professional, make sure you take the opportunity to get a group shot, recption shot, building, action shots with staff working.
  • Decide on a theme for your staff photos. So the photos all have a unified look, decide up front what you want to convey; natural, relaxed, happy, fun, professional, confident, experienced, quirky, creative, etc.


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How To Create Your Own Images For Facebook

Using interesting and attention grabbing images when you post on Facebook is critical.  Using visual content is the key to getting people to take notice.

However, not everyone has the budget or the skills to invest in software like Adobe Photoshop.

The good news is you don’t have to be a graphic designer to create great images and there are lots of free online tools that you can use.

Add text on an image


Photo editing


Screen Capture

If you are wondering what the best size is for image on Facebook:
  • Facebook Image displayed on user news-feed dimensions are 472 x 394px.
  • 16.65cm wide X 13.cm high if the image is 72 dpi which is standard for the web
  • Any larger images will be cropped or scaled down.

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Anatomy Of A Web Page That Sells

Learn how to extract the most sales from your website visitors, ethically and legally.  Simply by creating a sales web page that is truly effective at selling your products and services.

Know your customer
- What benefits are they really buying from you?
  e.g. Dentists provides a perfect smile. Makes you more attractive/confident
- Mention the benefit (results) prominently on the web page

It has to grab attention
- Make sure the heading font is extra-large
- Make sure the heading or sub heading presents a BIG benefit

 Keep paragraphs short
- 4 lines of text to a paragraph is the maximum.

Break the page of content up using sub headings
- This blog uses sub headings to make it easy to read and scan the page

Establish trust and credibility
- You need to persuade the visitor that you are qualified to solve their problem
- You need to be trusted or they will not buy from you

Use photos, graphics or a video
- 90% of information submitted to the brain is visual
- Visuals are processed in the brain faster and easier
- Information learned visually is more memorable than text

Try to use a Guarantee
- If you remove the risk, the customer is more likely to buy
- Your guarantee includes the results/benefits the customer really wants.
  e.g. Whiten your teeth up to 6 shades in 1 visit.


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Viral Video – How It Works (7 minute video lesson)

What goes viral on the Internet?  Watch this short video.

Watch Video – Click Here

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Is Guest Blogging Dead?

What did Matt Cutts (Google’s SEO spokes-person) mean when he said:
“Stick a fork in it – guest blogging is done.”

Guest blogging isn’t dead by any means.

  • Guest posts on your BLOG is still a great strategy if you’re doing it to add quality content to your website.
  • Writing a guest post to go on another website should be done not primarily to get a link back to your own site, but instead to get yourself in front of a large audience of potential new customers.  Writing a quality post that gets read by potential customers is a great way to positively build your branding, get publicity, and ultimately more traffic to your site and sales.


What Matt Cutts meant when he targeted guest blogging with his comments: 

  • Do not post low-quality content, that has zero value for the reader.
  • Do not post rubbish as an excuse to get your back-links on another website.


Guest blogging isn’t just an SEO tactic.  Producing quality content is an excellent promotional strategy.  The opportunity to post on a popular blog is just as important as the opportunity to get an article published in a printed magazine.


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Most Common Misspellings in the English Language


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How To Write Excellent Content For your Website?

Most of my clients are concerned about writing quality content for their website.  A few simple strategies can make the process easy.


The most important thing to remember is that your website is designed to serve visitors (current and future customers).
 1: So who are your customers and what do they need?  
 2: Make sure it is clear what you offer.
 3: Make sure it is clear what visitors should do.
 4: Have an objective for each web page that you write.     

Make a start and get some momentum.  Don’t over think it or overanalyse it. Write like nobody is reading it and just go for it. You can tweak your content as you go to meet your web page objectives and to effectively communicate with your targeted audience.

When you write there’s always a temptation to consult a Thesaurus, but use it with caution. Keep the message clear, not polluted. When the reader stumbles over an awkward word or an unfamiliar one, it’s disruptive and creates a disconnect. With Web copy, the simpler the better.

For Web copy, a better resource than a Thesaurus is a quality list of POSITIVE KEYWORDS (examples:  accelerate, local, serve, value, special, free…). These are strong, powerful words that will help you to persuade and elicit action. Another good resource is a search engine keywords list. If you don’t know what the company’s keywords are, ask. Don’t force them in, though; chances are you are using them without even knowing, which is the best way to use them, anyway.

People are short on time and that includes your website visitors.  So short is always better. Banner ads should tell your story in 5-10 words, which includes the call to action. For landing pages, blogs and other Web content, try to use list and bullet points, text boxes and lots of sub-headings to break up your page content.

If there isn’t a company style guide, start one. Keep the tone of voice consistent, keep grammar choices consistent (example:  website or Web site), and keep the design and format consistent from page to page.

Walk away from your work before submitting it. Once you are refreshed, mind clear, read over your content and you’ll find many ways to improve the copy.


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WRITING: Have An Objective For Each Web Page

What I hear from clients, more than anything else, is that they’re worried about writing their web page content. People can talk for hours about their company, but putting it down on paper seems to be difficult.

Writing content can be a simple process if you start by getting clear.  When you’re writing content for each page, simply ask yourself “What’s the objective of this individual web page?”.

Home - page
Think of your home page as the cover of a magazine.  It has to make a great first impression (visually) or the visitor to your website will click away.  It has to clearly let the visitor know what you do and offer.

About Us - page
This is your opportunity to make your customers feel confident that you are the industry expert. What qualifications do you have? What’s your experience and background?

Contact Us - page
Provide all of your contact details in an easy to use format.

Sales - page
It has to provide all of the information that a potential customer needs to be able to make a buying decision and it has to persuade them to click BUY NOW.

Services - page
What services do you provide, how much do they cost and what can your customers expect?

You know your business better than anyone; trust yourself to write about it.  Just get clear up front about the web page you’re going to write by asking yourself, “What’s the goal of this page?”.


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How To Brief A Copy Writer?

A clear brief will help a copywriter to deliver brilliant work that meets all your expectations.  Avoid disappointment and frustration by creating a writers brief that covers these important aspects:

  • Clear Subject
  • Describe what you want
  • Describe the purpose and what you’ll be doing with it
  • Who is the target audience – the reader
  • What is the single most important benefit that will appeal to your target audience?
  • What credibility do you have, so the audience will believe you
  • What tone of voice to use (maybe supply a writing sample)
  • Do you have any formatting preferences (For example: sub headings, bullet points, use Microsoft Word, etc)
  • Timing for starting, delivering the first draft, and completion date
  • Estimated budget, or hourly rate, or maximum budget
  • Transfer copyright ownership (All copyrights will be transferred from you the writer to me (Luke Hayes).  You (the writer) will not sell, reproduce or reuse this work in any way.)


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The Wonders Of Photoshop Retouching Photos

It used to cost thousands to get amazing photos. Today with the help of Photoshop any image can be transformed into beautiful picture.

Models and celebrities always look stunning with their flawless skin on magazine and album covers. Photoshop not only can do enhancements to poorly shot photographs, but it also makes it possible to give an ordinary person superstar qualities.

Check out these examples below which show the magic of Photoshop.



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