The popularity of mobile phones and users accessing the web on their phones has changed web design for ever.  Your website needs to respond and change how it displays to meet the growing demand for mobile friendly content that’s viewed on a mobile phone.

Mobile Phones Are Dominating Web Use:

Close to 90% of Australian’s have accessed the Internet on a mobile device in the past 3 months.  So now more then ever, your business website needs to look amazing on a mobile phone.


81% of Google searchers that are done on a mobile phone, are more likely to go ahead and contact that business if the website looks great on a mobile and is user friendly. (Source:  HubSpot Marketing Statistics)

First Impressions:

When a person finds your website while they are on their phone, their first impression is critical.  Will they stay or go?  Make sure the first impression they get is of a modern looking, professionally designed site that works.


These days, your customers anticipate that your website will be available on their mobile phone and on their Desktop computer.  Your website design must be well-optimized for mobile, with a scannable structure, simple usability that is easy to navigate, and it needs to effectively communicate the right message on a small screen.

Google Search Results:

Did you know that Google also ranks mobile friendly websites higher in their search rankings?  Which means you are more likely to be found when someone is looking for your product or service.

Simplify Your Navigation Menu:

Mobile phone screens are substantially smaller than desktop and laptop computer screens.  For this reason, it is highly recommended that you simplify your websites navigation menu and make it as short and simple to use as possible.  Make sure the menu links are easy to click on with a finger or thumb.

Simplify Your Website Forms:

Forms on a mobile phone screen are harder to fill out, compared to a desktop computer.  Ensure the form fields are bigger enough to be pressed with a finger.  Only ask for the information that is necessary.  Providing tick boxes makes it easier to complete a form on a small screen.

Test Your Site on a Mobile:

If you want to get more customers calling your business, then test your site on a Samsung phone and on an iPhone.  Test your website on multiple mobile devices to ensure your site is delivering consistent performance and usability.  Make sure it works perfect, is easy to use and looks excellent.

Luke Hayes Excellent Mobile Web Design:

When we design a client’s website, we ensure it is optimized for mobile phone use. We also like to focus on the user experience, making sure:

  • Looks excellent on a mobile
  • Fonts are clear and easy to read
  • Size and spacing of text looks good
  • Easy readability on small screens
  • Clear links and buttons, easy to click
  • Pages download and display quickly
  • Optimise images and videos for mobile
  • Use click-to-call and location services


Creating a website that looks amazing in all screen sizes, resolutions and viewing conditions is critical. Making sure your website looks excellent on a MOBILE phone is perhaps the most important of all.  We can help you make sure your website works great on mobile phones and all devices by ensuring your website is optimised for mobile traffic with fast load times.


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Written by Luke Hayes

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