A call for your visitor to take an action. Its a button included on a website, usually accompanied with copy, prompting the visitor to perform a specific and immediate task.

Calls to action can be used to

  • Generate leads with a sign-up form
  • Have people download a PDF
  • Gain newsletter subscribers
  • Get your products shared on social media
  • Add items to a shopping cart
  • Read more articles
  • The list goes on and on!

It’s best to have more than one call to action, so feel free to use multiple CTAs throughout the page, even if they encourage a different action. The more CTAs you have throughout the page, the more likely the visitor is to convert.

Ensure that your calls to actions are strategically placed to gain maximum attention and exposure. Your first CTA should be high on the page and easily spotted. Below, we will cover more details on how it should look, but let’s focus on placement.

Call To Action for Website Results

Use a CALL TO ACTION and make sure it stands out so it gets the users attention.


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