With the start of a new year you get clarity and inspired… which hopefully leads you to making some actionable resolutions. Any time that you’re motivated to improve your life and business is a great opportunity.

Take advantage of your New Year’s inspired state. Get excited and plan the changes and improvements that you want to make. Take on one, two, or ten new years resolutions.

As a business owner/manager, you’re steering the ship, so if you decide to set a goal improve a process and go for better… that is EXCELLENT.

46% of Australian’s make new year’s resolutions.  They learn from yesterday and plant new year’s seeds for a year of growth, harvesting and future rewards.


  • This year I will start my own business
  • This year I will learn something new
  • This year I will get organised
  • This year I will catch up with every client quarterly
  • This year I will learn new sales skills
  • This year I will refine my target audience and focus
  • This year I will revamp my brand
  • This year I will re-design my website
  • This year I will create work/life balance
  • This year I will update our company business plan and strategy.
  • This year I will achieve $80,000 in monthly recurring revenue ($MRR).
  • This year I will increase the average contract size from $3,000 to $4,000.
  • This year I will get 3 new 5 star Google Reviews each month from our clients.
  • This year I will earn five favourable PR mentions for our consumers this quarter.
  • This year I will develop three new case studies showing client satisfaction aimed at educating and persuading new clients.
  • This year I will publish one blog and social media piece weekly that is optimised for one of our targeted search terms.
  • This year I will get 10 fresh back-links for Google SEO, from relevant sites each quarter.
  • This year I will email to our clients a monthly eNewsletter with valuable information.
  • This year I will increase sales over the following five months by signing up three additional potential clients.


  • Write your resolutions down
  • Create a plan to achieve your resolution
  • Commit to succeeding and following the plan
  • Tell people about your intentions so you are committed
  • Read your resolutions every day for the month of January

Go for it. Create actionable new years resolutions that are geared toward tackling challenges and grow your business.

Cheers to you, to your business, to the new year and another chance to get it right and prosper.


This website marketing tip is dedicated to your web success.
Written by Luke Hayes

Australian Web Design & Marketing Strategy
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