I am your customer for as long as you satisfy me.

Satisfy my wants, add personal attention and a friendly touch, and I will become a walking advertisement for your products and services. If you ignore my wants, show carelessness, poor attention to detail and bad manners, then I will simply cease to exist as far as you are concerned.

I am an intelligent and sophisticated buyer — much more so than I was a few years ago. My needs are more complex and i have easy access to research the options online.  I have grown accustomed to better things.  I have money to spend if you give me great service and value.

My ego needs the nourishment of a friendly, personal greeting from you. It is important to me that you appreciate my business.  After all, when I buy your products and services, my money is feeding you.

I am a perfectionist. I want the best that I can get for the money I spend. When I am dissatisfied, then you need to take heed:  The source of my discontent lies in something that you have done or failed to do, or the products you sell are not making feel satisfied.

If customers have any dissatisfaction, you need to find that negative source and eliminate it or you will lose my business and that of all my friends as well; for when I criticize your products or services, I will talk to anyone who will listen.

I am fickle. Other businesses continually beckon to me with offers of “more for my money.”  So if you want to keep my business, you must prove to me again and again that I have made a wise choice in selecting you and your products and services above all others.


Make excellent customer service a part of your companies culture and core values. Every new staff person who joins your team should go through a staff induction that emphasizes CUSTOMER SATISFACTION.


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Written by Luke Hayes

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