Look at your BEST customers, the one that you enjoy serving, they appreciate you and in turn you make a fair profit for your service.

When you focus on just your very best clients, what do they have in common?

My bet is, they all have this one important characteristic in common.  They all have money.

Yes I agree that having money is not the only way to determine a quality customer.  But having the finances to buy is essential, they have to have the funds, resources and the capacity to spend.

When I get an enquiry, and the potential new customer starts the conversation with “I have no money”, I immediately let them know I’m not the right web developer… Bye.

I know from experience that a person with limited or no money to spend is going to waste my time and resources which are limited.

If the prospect does not have the ability to purchase, no amount of persuasive copy, hard-to-beat offers, great service or award-winning graphics will yield a sale… unless you are willing to sell so cheap that it leaves your business at a loss.

A customer that has money is usually happier to spend, as long as they get good value and the result they expected.

My key message to businesses people:  Do yourself a big favour, identify and target customers with the ability to buy your products or services.  Identify them and go after them.  They buy more, they buy more often and they are usually easier to deal with.


This website marketing tip is dedicated to your web success.
Written by Luke Hayes

Australian Web Design & Marketing Strategy
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